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  1. Hi Seesaw, Thank you for the reply !!! I really don't why u mentioned "Honor God" here,even after your reply for McCarthyMR but i appreciate.. thank you..
  2. Greetings McCarthyMR, Thank you for the reply !!! First of all i could understand what happens here, i just wanted to make sure, what really happened.. I found this story in some story writing forum in which the first story was written year before the second story.. I tried contacting the author but No response.. So i thought i could get the answer or any explanation here.I really don't know the writer would reply back or if there is anymore sequel to it...
  3. Can someone help me decoding this time travel short story ?? The messenger is first story and forth chime is a sequel. The messenger If one were to look at Weatherton Drive from afar during the mid-afternoon of June 3, 2014, nothing would appear out of the ordinary. But to a scrutinizing observer, the red Royal Mail van at the end of the block presented something of an anomaly. For it was both stationary and occupied. Inside the van sat Navid. This was his last full day of work. Technically he worked tomorrow, but he wouldn’t be on his route; rather, he’d be having a retirement par
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