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  1. Goodmorning everyone. Returning to an old speech about the time traveler John Titor. On this subject, I want to let you know that John Titor is right. The explanation of why a lot of things did not happen is simple, going back in time and letting us know what will happen has generated a temporal paradox in practice is as if now we were beginning in a different timeline with another convergence. Say for example that in this timeline a loved one die invested, if we could go back in time and we changed that event we can generate this famous paradox thus creating a timeline where our beloved is not dead. This thing sounds very strange, but there are many theories of time travel and this is one of their own timelines with effect butterfly. We say that we can consider the deja vu as a reminder of our other timelines somthing that we did but we do not remember when. In conclusion I say that this organization may be right, but you will only see with time. as I mentioned coming back changed things. Thanks for your attention. Sincerely Hououin_Kyouma_Kirb. I leave the ad in this category .
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