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  1. I will inquire about the status of Carl. If I am able to garner an appointment with the condemned table, I will in fact record the feat. When I had the opportunity to see it for the first time, cell phones were non-existent and being a college student, I was too poor to afford a camera. LOL. I'll see what I can do and keep you all up to date.
  2. She is well aware of the capacities of her faith. Honestly, I would not be surprised if her piano playing was at least as good as Jerry Lee Lewis. The demon desires the awe, wants to put its power on display. My fear would be that some day it decides to collect on being brought to light from its dormant state. Surely "V" isn't inclined to call it a friend; if so, she will know the truth when she has to be held accountable.
  3. I witnessed an incident once which baffled me. It was a small, wooden table. The table had a name. It was called "Carl". The story goes that a young boy was once found dead under this table. Since then, the table seemed to have an identity; formed out of this tragedy. I was skeptic. I had heard of Carl. I would laugh to scorn those who told stories of how it would find its way out of locked closets to the bedside of individuals. They would wake up, startled, Carl inches beside them. My sister was friends with the owners of "Carl". One weekend, I was home from college and met Carl. Now, t
  4. I had a very similar theory regarding "ghosts". About 3 years ago something happened to me that changed my opinion forever. I appreciate everyone's perspective. I sincerely believe that ghosts, apparitions, spirits and the like are demonic. These evil entities are magnificantly smart. They attempt to masquerade as innocent beings, even loved ones. This is only an enticement. Ultimately, they want nothing but death and destruction. This was my experience any way. I caught mine on tape.
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