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  1. Can u send a pic of ur time machine?

  2. Greetings 'm a time traveler 'm here to take your questions , well what happens if you change the future will happen next , you will end up creating another world that is a parallel world that it is you who takes over but that world you I wanted to change it is impossible to be done this because every time you travel in time you end up creating other worlds I have helped .
  3. Greetings 'm a time traveler 'm here to take your questions , well it is not a time traveler , but that picture and her ancestor life.
  4. GREETINGS Inquire Before Our Time Traveler 's called : Mark Turnbalhe Have A Replies For You website : www.johntitorfoundation.com is Just A Site For Travellers In Time For Report If Examples: Missions Etc.
  5. GREETINGS , Personal I am a Time Traveler , I am of the same John Titor Base I come this Worldline To Rescue a Base From Partner Stuck In Jail at TAMPA FL - I will accept questions . Bye.
  6. GREETINGS Our Partner Friend Base This Arrested In this Worldline Please Come John Me Help My Time Machine This Pay The Breaking the Emergency Button Not Working This John Has to Buy That Come help me ! -177_TH

  7. GREETINGS , I am a partner of John Titor Unfortuantely He not this this mission with Me , But I'm Remembering A Traveller Base 177 TH From Time Along with John Titor and Other 5 Travellers John told me to Me Create One Account this Forum. When I Fosse for 2015 I'm Aki To Rescue A Time Traveler Caught On that timeline That is to say That this world is Siquer A Parallel World Traveler Our Call: Mark Tumberler This Arrested Aki I will Reply All to me I'll Stay Inquire Almost 2 Months aki or less. Thank you.
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