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  1. I cannot state how I know things as it may endanger my well being. While science is right about a lot of things, most of it is wrong and much more simple than we realize. Time is a limitation of our interpretation of reality. In reality everything that is, happened instantly. Time is relative the the amount of matter it is contained in. The reason we see strange things happen at the quantum level is that time at that level is so slow it actually comes to a stop. Causing odd things to happen for us humans moving through time. This is why according to our observation a paritcle can
  2. I know things I am not supposed to know. I cannot say how I know them, but I am here to improve the understanding of our existence. Let me start by saying science is way off. Black holes do not exist in the sense we think they do. The center of a black hole is calm, much like the eye of a storm. The big bang never happened as it is impossible to have an object that dense. The density of an object follows the same rules as the rest of the universe and has limits. There is also no dark matter/dark energy, and sorry, but no time travelers as time does not actually exist. If you woul
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