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  1. I am going to very carefully enter into this conversation, because there is, indeed, an aura of Escobar fairy dust to this. But with caffeine stuffed into everything, these things are likely to happen these days... So I'll give you the benefit of doubt, and assume that you are NOT (A) a troll, (B) a creationist antagonizer, © crazy or on drugs, nor (D) dumb. I will assume that you are a sensible, well-meaning person with a serious question to ask. I state this very clearly because I want you to know that I am aware I might be wrong. I simply choose to believe that this has serious, honest meri
  2. Since opinions are being repeated (not a bad thing, btw; summaries are Happy Things): I stand by my opinion of Kill It With Logic. No government/corporate/Illuminati/UN actions to seize the spot means the supernatural properties are fake. But the discussion remains an interesting insight into human behaviour. I still like you guys, don't worry ;)
  3. This discussion reminds me of my work with 3rd graders. I'm tempted to ask people to tone down the namecalling, but I feel it might end up being me called names instead. The evidence from the mystery spot is flimsy, and as stated before, anything with such magical powers would instantly be locked away by now by government or shady corporations trying to do Stuff with it. It exists in captivity or in secret, not in the wild and open. That it would be nothing but a tourist attraction(!!) is an utterly obscene thought. Thereby not said that none of the effects may exist out there, but this is a d
  4. Busy schedule, will return yesterday!

  5. Busy schedule, will return yesterday!

  6. To get back on track, I was thinking that maybe, just maybe, Larry got into a legal conflict over the rights to a lot of things. He saw the value of holding onto the story and the rights for it, but could not get all, or was maybe threatened with being outed if he did take it all. And now the parties involved have been disagreeing for all that time what to use the publicity for. If it is a hiaz, as I thoroughy believe, it seems someone should have profited more grandly from it. Or maybe they just lost their nerves. I wonder what it would take for someone to grab the throne of Titor again an
  7. Yes, it is a doosey :eek: Anyway, I'll give it a try. Remember, this is a creative challenge, so if your first, second, third, etc. is not your best, you can just do another :geek: #1: Hello, my name is Bryon Pumling, and I come from the year 3201. I am/was/will be a field physicist, studying unusual physics events close up. Mostly, I deal with unexpected solar activities or electrical storms (in space or planetside), but the last decade or so, I have been part of TEI, the Time Evaluation Initiative. As such, I have little to no family (they prefer those kinds of recruits), and have ded
  8. Well, we do need thick skin, too. Like, kevlar armor thick. So getting bashed in a thread or having it derail comes with the territory, I guess. Buck up, we'll get this sucker rolling! And if not, I run a hugs-by-mail-order business on the side, and we just got a shipment of hugs back from the factory ?
  9. Oops, I should have stated that this is in no way meant as an insult or criticism against you. My bad, sorry. The problem is that a lot of people, on a lot of topics, want to believe things so badly that anyone looking at them with skepticism becomes "the enemy". That is a problem, because unless we try to rip our own ideas apart to the point of obsession before we stand firm on them, we open ourselves up to ridicule and drag everything else down with us. I, for example, honestly work on time travel (the study of the concept, not actual time travel itself!), but I would never say that to anyon
  10. I've browsed through so many debates on proving/debunking time travel at this point, both here and elsewhere, that the point of them has become rather silly. I am a stern advocate for humanity needing a clearer idea of what TT entails before even starting to discuss possible ways to prove it to be real. When someone says "how would you prove it if you were a time traveller?" or "how can you prove that John Titor was real/fake?", I just sort it in the "if a tree falls in the woods and no one hears it, does it make a sound?" pile. The answers are meaningless, because the questions are meaningles
  11. Wanting to believe is, sadly, the core of the problem. Just like 98% of all arguments online, Titor builds on "truthiness", as Stephen Colbert so nicely put it, the idea that something is true because it feels true, or feels good to believe. There is no hard, factual proof for or against Titor, and there likely never will be. But if any of his predictions or other information is to be taken as proof, he flopped, hard. If it's all just to be seen as a rant, and none of it is predictive (for example, if his actions completely changed everything and the info on his TT machine were just for kicks
  12. Are we sure the notion of time travel was even a big thing in 1500? Remember, a lot o fthings we talk about today would make little sense or point for someone just a century ago, let alone five. Talking about infrastructure and mass transit would require a lot of explanation just to make people understand what it was, and I think time travel would be beyond what people commonly thought of, not to mention would need/understand proof of. Proving you had advanced knowledge might simply label you a weird foreigner, a great philosopher, or, yes, a witch. Heck, even today, it seems a lot of peopl
  13. Just to quickly update: #3 turned out to be scammers, to no surprise. Apparently some east europeans thought we might have a lot of money. #4 maaay be a slightly sadistic thespian. Someone thought the description fit a non-local actress who has a thing for pranks and access to weird theatrical tools. Still no news on #2, but we did a remeasure on the facilities, and it turns out 20.000 sq ft. was just someone's guess. It's closer to 45.000 sq ft. of indoor space, with about ten times that in outdoor space. PS: If anyone new to this feels the thread is somewhat chaotic, it's because the admi
  14. I completely forgot to follow up on this, but basically, searching for "how memories are formed" on Youtube will bury you in videos, and the ones I clicked were informative, although a bit dry (science might be cool, but it doesn't always *look* cool). I do still recommend Hank's stuff on the Crash Course channel for newbies in the world of neurobabble :geek:
  15. Just a thought: WHY would a time traveller prove he/she is a time traveller? I get that if they don't care at all, there is no need to come to a place like this. But when I travel (normal travel!), I just say "oh, me, I'm from Denmark", and nobody asks me for proof. If someone came to me and said "hi, I'm from the year 2294, could you tell me how this [whatever] works?", I don't know if I would even start asking for proof. If something dire was asked of me ("could you please hold this loudly ticking piece of unrecognizable machinery for me while I run the other way?"), I'd simply refuse to hav
  16. I'll see what I can find when I get home tomorrow, but Gpa's article is a good start. So is Hank Green's neurology videos on Youtube. Note that I am no expert, just a geek ;) PaulaJedi, IIRC shortterm memory has a general location, while longterm specializes. PS why wont multiquote ever work for me?
  17. Science and the soul are actually not that opposite ideas, it's a topic studied all throughout history by hardened scientists (and an assortment of nutjobs, but what isn't). One study tells of a scientist weighing people at the moment of death, and noting a clear change in weight, declaring that the soul's weight (it has since been explained as the weight of certain liquids evaporating without being replenished as the body shuts down). Even today, it continues; apparently, theories are being put forth that consciousness evolved from our ancestors surviving better if able to resist animalistic
  18. I, too, doubt that the truth will ever come out. Even if it did, one or more sides in the debate would not acknowledge it. Bigfoot and the Loch Ness onster have both been admitted to be fake, and they still get people all up in arms! But yes, what the people have actually been doing is very interesting. Little or none of it seems to have been capitalized on, which continues to surprise me. Larry seems to actually be behaving like a lawyer, not a scammer. My guess is the instigator got cold feet and just clammed up. On the other hand, the entire experiement could be to see how the legend hol
  19. There are Youtubers doing some of the same. Do a search there, some of it is pretty okay (and free+easy!). Edit: Sorry, I just realized you might be asking for a review, not a recommendation. If so, ignore me (I don't exist)
  20. The problem that I never see anyone addressing is what the exact nature of time travel is (for the self-proclaimed traveller, at least). The idea of "okay, you go back in time and check X out, then return" is nice and all, but what if time travel is not a neat little tool that you can just do? Terminator-style TT would not let the traveller jump around like that. And anything that can be predicted with pinpoint accuracy is likely possible to deduce through other means (predicting weather phenomena or seismic activity, even sports statistics or market fluctuations. Some people do that for a liv
  21. No amount of nuclear weapons will do it. Not even all of them. This is the reason why I even bother replying. I am not trying to berate you (also, who the heck would pay me to do so??); what you believe does not matter to me. I just don't want you to start scaring others with no understanding of science into thinking the end is near. I lived through the Y2K bug panic and the 2012 panic, and it bothers me that people send others into a frenzy just because they don't understand basic science (or calendars, in the 2012 case). People scaring others about bad science is how the anti-vaccination
  22. I am (hopefully) not going to derail this thread too much, but I feel a serious need to address this. We are not able to blow up the sun. No nulcear weapons we have can do that. A "sunbuster" weapon is the realm of deep, deep science fiction. But other than laying any worries to rest, since I teach science, it is a bit of a thing with me that I feel it important to correct some powerful misunderstandings you seem to have about basic physics. Fission is when you split (big and unstable) atoms. Fusion is when you merge two (small) atoms together. The process you mention uses fission (which
  23. No. Sorry to be blunt, but this is utter and complete nonsense. You cannot blow up the sun even with every single nuclear weapon in history. In fact, if our entire planet was fired into the sun at the speed of a nuclear missile, it would do absolutely nothing, at all. To the sun, of course. The Earth would be screwed.
  24. I moved it to the thread that is about the actual embassy: http://timetravelinstitute.com/threads/about-the-time-travellers-embassy.10336/#post-88863 Problem #1 sorted itself out. Turns out to be old diaries in Russian (my linguist friend identified it). The guy's daughter was happy we tracked her down, seems he was giving away her mother's old belongings without family consent. Guess he thought we were setting up an antique book store or museum or the like.
  25. This is not the same thread. I started this to answer questions about the embassy. The other is strictly for people wanting to help me deal with the crazies I listed. Which is why I am moving your other responses to here. That was aimed at a different post, not yours. I did. Denmark. Lolland. I have no idea how you want to verify it. Again, Denmark, not US. Do you actually have those right sin the US? Seems very intrusive. And I am not at liberty to give you those answers, nor would I if I was (I feel they step hard on my rights to privacy). And I never said anything about non-
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