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  1. Here is Mark Twain's thoughtplay on the subject, except the year is 500 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/A_Connecticut_Yankee_in_King_Arthur%27s_Court
  2. There is an infinite amount of timelines and you cannot manipulate one, you can only create new ones. Think like playing a video game where every choice you make creates a new savegame
  3. I believe this would not work because of alternate universes. A time traveler could travel to the year he was born, kill himself as baby, and he wouldn't disappear, because it would only create an alternate universe. With this method you would run into similar problem.
  4. time = space going to "future" is movement through space but that space is "dimension above us", hence, we cannot really perceive it
  5. http://historybizarremysterious.blogspot.fr/2012/03/strange-case-of-dr-david-lewis-anderson.html according to comments here he's in india doing time travel research
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