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  1. Too bad, I would have liked to speak with all of you about many topics, such as controlled nuclear fission, how to obtain energy from CCl4 and SiCl4, how to obtain oxygen from NaAlO2, how and when the string theory will be resolved and demonstrated, how to stop the oxidation of brain cells, the life on PA-99-N2 b, why and when Gliese 699.1, that in reaity is a neutron star, will completely change our lives . Adieu.
  2. Good day to all of you, Galesh! My generalities are unnecessary. I am a time traveller from الدوحة, also known as Doha, Qatar, but I am not originally from the arabian peninsula. I come from the year 1479, or 2057, if the Gregorian calendar is preferred; I know many time travellers that were just impostors, have appeared on the web in recent years; from what I have been told, I am the first one allowed to talk on the web. I am here because I think that this web forum is the best way, to describe how will be the life in future; offering this kind of informations to governments or ne
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