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  1. I think it might have been both, I'd have to ask her when I see her. Another one? Well, Jacob is from a world that has 2 massive landmasses on either side of his world. He says that one is similar to Eastern Europe and Asia and the other is more like Western Europe and South/North America. The Eastern continent is more... "traditional" and has less technology but more folklore and use of "magic" and has more kingdoms while the Western continent is much more advanced in technology and not so relient on othet means. He says the moon in his world is much larger than this one. He also says that
  2. Well, Jenffa had a life of a girl with brownish blonde hair. She says her world was much like this one but there was a kingdom that ruled and they had many more celebrations based on the lunar cycles and also the technology was more.... "sophisticated but 'humble' looking". She says her favorite meal to eat was this special dish they called Lunis Keik which is similar to Tres Leche Cake in this world but it was a sponge dish soaked in a special sauce they made in that world. her favorite thig to do was to explore the courtyards and celebrate all the holidays and explore with her brother. -A
  3. Well, pick someone first otherwise no one really knows who should go first lol. -Samari
  4. i'll be honest. i have no idea what you're talking about. actually, I have no idea what you said.. -Galaco
  5. Well, I myself have many memories before I was born into this body with the others. I have not lived in other bodies, I don't think anyone did really except for a few, but I did have my own body and lived in another world similar to this one. As for who made me? Like a god? Well, I do have my own beliefs about that, but everyone in here has their own thoughts too. And beginning history of my people? Like the people in the system or the people of my race or the history of the world I was in before this? And yes, our husband does know :) -Jenffa
  6. Yeah, that's an analogy I've never heard, but that's more or less it, lol. I really need to get everyone to make a FAQ video xD Anyway, 1. The Hotel side body is female. 2. Well, we can "time share", but we call it "looking out the front" or "co-fronting" when more than one person is fronting. Most of the time, only the person fronting is seeing the out-world. 3. As far as we know, there was 4 people originally born into the body, the rest came years later after we figured out we were plural. 4. Well, the females do use it for that type of stuff with our husband, but most of th
  7. @Einstein, I have no idea who that is, actually. @Cosmo1598825723, I would but I have no idea where to post them. -Samari
  8. Lol, we are nothing like that picture. @ Cosmo, The body is human but not everyone in the system is human. And I know it's a lot to take in and hard to understand. I should really make a video explaining; I only have intro videos and other random ones. -Samari
  9. Well, you can think of it as you please, but we are not personalities nor do we have multiple personalities. I am my own complete person, as is everyone else here. Also, I have no idea what that Borg Collective is... -Asher
  10. Not a club at all. But we do have clubs in-system that many system-mates/members are a part of. -Asher
  11. Lol, after looking it up, I can honestly say its nothing like that lol. The only way its at all similar is that sometimes new people come to the system by portal type things. I hate to compare it, but plural systems are actually more like MPd/DiD except that we are NOT trauma based, Not alters, not imaginary friends and Not the same person. Just the switching aspect and many people bit is the same, everythig else is not like us at all. EDIT: forgot to mention how we became a plural system. Actually, we were born plural. There started out with just 4 people in the system who were born int
  12. Jenffa belives it to be when you "died and respawned at your last check-point". Its an interestig way to think about it. Galaco thinks its when you remember a different time-line or perhaps you recall something ahead of time because you or someone else went to the past and its continueing the same way or similar. -Samari
  13. Well, to be blunt and simple, there are many people who share this body. We are all complete and separate people with our own dislikes and likes and interests and personalities, and we all reside in our "headspace" or "closed space" when not fronting. To front, we have a "fronting room" that is currently the shape of a Lighthouse that we use to gain control of the front( body). -Samari
  14. Hello everyone. We are a plural system that goes by the collective name of The Hotel and City, based on our Closed Space layout. Wr have over 2,000 system members but only a handful actually care to front. The current main fronters are Samari, Asher, Galaco, Ekist, Jackdaw, Jacob, Jenffa and Xexas. There are many people here who are interested and deal with things pertaining to this site; all ranging from the Butterfly Effect to The Multiverse Theory to The Morphogenetic Field. So we decided to join this site so that everyone can join in discussions about those type of things. Each of ou
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