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  1. Can you help me to send message to the past of me before 2014? Just for my health.

  2. Alas, I shall have to work harder to make my Time Travel fiction more believable! :-)
  3. Oh dear. That's not how it works, Dizzy. That's a gross misunderstanding of the process. Look, if you want to discuss future events of my worldline, or the theory or philosophy behind time travel, then that's ok. But really - you're just proving my point as to why actual people who may arrive on this worldline from another avoid discourse with you. This isn't supposed to be an interrogation, and I really have nothing to prove. Say I do convince you, all of you, of my identity. What have I gained from the process? This doesn't benefit me. I'm happy to indulge in polite conversation or idle spec
  4. Greeting Mylo. I thank-you for your input. It was a calculated risk to be sure. The divergence is significant enough that certain world events are different in significant area's, but certain aspects of my life are similar. Of course I had to make certain checks first. That the family in question lived in the same house, were both still alive, that the other 'Me' lived in the same place; Enough facts were similar for me to be reasonably sure that our lives when I was a child took similar paths. You must remember, our worlds didn't really diverge all that much until the early 2000's, I could
  5. Cosmo - one calculates divergence by speaking to a physicist or someone significantly smarter than myself! ha ha! Ok, we did attend lectures on this during training for the TRC (Temporal Research Commission). The computer units and gravity sensors on the displacement unit do record your trip, and can also be used when programming a trip to estimate the divergence of a programmed destination. This is based on the size of the gravitational field needed to conduct the trip, the amount of power needed to be generated by the electron-fusing of the microsingularities - it is referred to as the 'Dive
  6. Slow down, folks. Ok, more explanations are required I take it? First of all - "Autocorrect" was a feature on smartphones and such in my day, but it wasn't termed 'Autocorrect', it was simply known as the automatic dictionary. Secondly, Text-speak is unfamiliar to me. I don't recall shortening words and phrases to make digital communication faster when I was younger - no one I knew did. Was that just my naivety? I don't know. There was a lot more to be concerned about in my 2014 than worrying at the time about digital grammar. Yes - from the bits I've read about John Titor - our time dis
  7. Apologies for minor spelling mistakes. As I said, I don't use digital technology often anymore, and 'Autocorrect?' I believe it is called? Still something of a mystery to me.
  8. Thank-you PaulaJedi. A result of the world in which I live in 2037 I suppose. You have something here - 'Text speak?'. We don't shorten our language to accommodate digital communications in the future; education is considered extremely Important for the rebuilding of the western world and England in particular, and correct grammer and reading and writing skills are very important for record keeping and communication (we use traditional typing and pen & paper more than we do computers). I can return to a worldline virtually identical to my own. My device is sophisticated enough to na
  9. If this is something that really interests you, I would consider it. However, unlike in my time, your internet is not secure; it is in fact well known that during this time, you were constantly monitored by government authorities in what you do, say, and visit online. I have taken steps in this forum to hide my location and not reveal too much about myself - I would have to be sure that this skype program can offer similar protection.
  10. Hello all! Thanks for your musings and idle speculations, they did indeed make me smile! I apologise for my short disappearance. Without going into too much detail, it had to do with my assignment. I had to leave for a short while and there was little time to log onto a computer whilst I was doing what I was doing. So much speculation about me! To address some of the philosophy being thrown around - why an Internet forum? Well, for the very reason that it IS obscure and makes it easier to remain anonymous. As I explained before, temporal travel is a dangerous undertaking. We're going
  11. That was a metaphorical split Halo. Texas definitely ceded from the US and declared itself the independent state of Texas. From there, the US tried to enforce governance in the state, which led to outright civil unrest. Individual states lost the ability to maintain law and order; I remember when it first happened back when I was much younger, watching the news reports of outright anarchy on the streets of DC. The President was evacuated to a secure location, and shortly after, foreign ambassadors to the US were recalled. From what we know in 2037, the US has no centralised Government, but ins
  12. Many things are happening right now that never occured in my Worldline. To us, this is an education in what we might have done differently, and what we still might face in rebuilding Europe. For instance - ISIS? We never had an ISIS terrorising Afghanistan and the Muslim nations in my 2014. By 2014, the US government in it's current state did not exist. It certainly was in no position to fight a war with anyone. Northern Ireland was the nation vying for independence from the UK government in 2014, and with widespread civil unrest and the British £ dying a death, the last remnants of UK g
  13. Scotland never voted to ever leave the United Kingdom on my Worldline. Which is another interesting wrinkle, considering it's been put to a vote now. I knew this question would come up. Ok, the issue of Scottish independence may have come up in our 2014, in my Worldline, had we had the kind of fairly stable western world you have. However, as I said, America's situation grew worse and worse. When I was a young man, America virtually declared martial law as it's fight on terrorism grew more desperate. Freedoms were restricted, and it split the country in two. Texas was the first state to tr
  14. Wow! Questions questions questions! Ok, let's see. I'll give you some quick answers here in order. 1. Mylo - no. Our Timeline's are broadly similar, but not identicle. (and we call them 'Worldlines'). I don't know what you were told in the realm of this Titor mythology, but my Time Displacement Unit doesn't automatically confirm the displacement differential between worldlines unless specifically analysed to do so. As I said, I am not an engineer, but was told there would like me a .4 or .5 variance, or 'percent' if that's an easier term. For instance, a .1 variance would indicate a Worldli
  15. Do you mean someone could come from a future Worldline - future from 2037 - and try to...what? Kill me and live my life in that time period? If that's what you mean, it's an interesting thought experiment. I suppose, theoretically, that's possible. But to my knowledge, we have never had a visitor from the future as of 2037. Who knows why? Maybe they don't want to, maybe it's not as interesting a period of time for them, maybe if they come from a greater differential Worldline, they live in a universe where time travel was simply never harnessed, due to war, lack of resources or something else
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