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  1. Ok. I am simply answering your question. I am not trying to convince. Nobody has to agree with me. AND I've already made up my mind. You asked, you get: 1. I agree with the book Conviction of a Time Traveler 2. John Titor most likely represents an entire team of people. Different grammar styles exist in the Titor posts because different people wrote them. This does not mean that John Titor is a hoax, but rather, a team of people were or are still are involved. 3. There is a possibility that the story Titor posted may not be 100% true or literal. This does not automatically make
  2. I'm not sure sure that a person who doesn't understand proper grammar could also develop a time travel device. But what do I know? Then again, some of Titor's team didn't know the difference between "your" and "you're". But go ahead, post the photos.
  3. Neither. Nobody would believe me. I'm not interested in seeing my future or winning the lottery, so greed is out. Money doesn't buy happiness. People cause unhappiness and having money attracts a whole new hoard of assholes into your life. Showing someone a device such as that would be really dangerous for both yourself and humanity. This is EXACTLY why we most likely already have amazing technology that we will NEVER know about.
  4. I do, but I could be totally wrong. I did some reading and found a possible explanation. (If I'm wrong, OH WELL, I tried). Gravitational Lensing: Gravitational lens - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia If you look at the photo, the light is ONLY bent around the gravitational source. Pay particular attention to microlensing.
  5. This is causing a lot of controversy. Zak Bagans bought a supposed haunted house and is going to check it out for himself. Ghost Adventures Star -- I Bought $35,000 Demon House ... Possible Portal to Hell | TMZ.com This is apparently upsetting people. I have no problem with it. First, if there really is a portal to hell in the house, at least someone who doesn't know won't buy it. Second, I find nothing wrong with research. Someone should check it out and it might as well be Zak.
  6. This doll is rumored to be "haunted". You can read about him, here: Robert the Doll - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia I've "met" this doll, but felt nothing unusual. Has anyone else seen him? Any experiences?
  7. I disagree. There were grammar errors in the Titor posts and he didn't claim to know everything.
  8. I took this while investigating the Saint Augustine Lighthouse in Florida in 2008. (I also have very good EVP, by the way.) Note: the mist is coming up from under the floor. Nobody was smoking. I went back a few times and tried to re-create this, but could not. Could possibly be an insect that flew up from under the floor, but if you enhance the photo it almost looks like a bent person. Don't know for sure. While we were there, 3 small windows opened up simultaneously in the light house, too. Hi Res photo available upon request. The EVP are of a woman and a child and are not whispers.
  9. I'm very curious about how you came up with 20%.
  10. Interesting. I'm still up in the air about cursed objects. I visited the "haunted" doll Robert before and I felt no presence whatsoever. Not even a tingle. I have no proof in either direction, so I remain open minded. On a similar note, people think that King Tut's tomb is cursed. There are a lot of stories about that.
  11. LOL. To answer your original question, I think many "coincidences" are meant to happen. I have a story of my own to share about coincidences. I was at a store with someone several years ago and I was joking about not having changed the address on my driver's license in a few years after moving back. On my way home, I was pulled over for speeding. The copy let me off by only ticketing me for not having changed my address. It was much cheaper. LOL!!!! Ever since then, I've KNOWN God has a sense of humor. :)
  12. I leave most of my theories on my website. Nobody seems to become upset that way.
  13. Al Bielek has some interesting claims. Needs more investigation. I'd like to ask him about Tesla's involvement. Is Al still alive?
  14. Not by what I've read, but I'm not a physicst or scientist of any sort. I just run my mouth about my theories a lot. :)
  15. Maxwell Hammer's story was more fun. :)
  16. Mallett is studying and trying. I still respect him.
  17. We would not survive entry into a black hole. I've read about two theories. One involves the black hole bringing time periods closer together so you can ride the wave around it. The other is Dr. Ronald Mallet's theory. Two singularities with parallel poles are lined up and create a field. (Something to that effect anyway).
  18. Dr. Ronald Mallett seems to believe they are real. I had a video about it on my website but it went private. I'm not done studying him. Still reading his book. (I have other responsibilities that limit my personal time. Fortunately, I can type really fast. hehe.)
  19. Aren't you also on Paranormalis? Sci-fi books are a good thing. :)
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