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  1. I am going to focus on 2021. I am going to try to dismiss any bias but will ultimately just post what I see in my head. The first thing I saw immediately was a large cloud over a big city skyline with the moon shining in the corner. The skyline transformed into a building, possibly a courthouse. Now I see a short, white tower, old like a castle. I get this impression it is a church top. A small statue is on top of it. There is also a balcony and the image of William Shakespear appears. I do not know the significance. Round three - Mel Gibson's face appears. Very ser
  2. I will post my predictions in this thread. They may or may not come true. I am making no claims.
  3. Can a building by itself cross timelines, or did this couple experience some sort of time slip? Read the story about the couple who stayed at a really old hotel and who couldn't find it again to visit once more. Scroll down to "Time Slip Hotel" https://www.strangerdimensions.com/featured/time-travel-proof/
  4. If you know all, are you truly free, or is your life a only tape played out and dictated only by fate? By not knowing, we can change our own future.
  5. Humans are not perfect and are more or less free, but we must deal with the consequences of our actions. It is easy to blame the snake in the Adam and Eve story, but Eve made her own decision to eat the apple. She then had to deal with the consequences of her decision. Did God then destroy all freedom? No. He still allows us to make mistakes and deal with the consequences. This is precisely why I believe in freedom of speech and other freedoms. We do not need someone else's morality shoved down our throats. Each person should be free to say what they want and be expected to handle th
  6. The birth of Satan? Just kidding. Very strange!
  7. Yes, his show is good. I just can't sit and listen to something that long and it is on way too late for me. He is broadcasting it from the west coast.
  8. This creature was seen in Florida in 2000. Does it look real to you? Opinions?
  9. I am no expert, but I would like other users to try this. What I do is I sit in total silence with no distractions. The dark is best, but you can cover your eyes. Try to clear your head and not think of anything. Random images and scenes should start going through your head. Write some of them down and then do it again. I feel much of this involves seeing the future. It can be biased --- it's hard to turn off the noise and influence of current events, but those will be obvious. I am going to try to do this more often here. It will look like nonsense. Some may not ever come t
  10. I think it is symbolic -- someone with a really bad stomach ache.
  11. Masks do nothing. They are used for politics and control only. Here is proof that you may also try yourself.
  12. This is a discussion forum so you WILL be hearing what other people think. This site exists for discussion. Much of the CIA and FBI corruption is recorded on video as they have been in hearings during the past 4 years. Just because you haven't paid attention doesn't make it false. And yes, spying on American citizens without a FISA warrant IS a bad thing and is precursor to communist control. JFK's assassination was planned. They even tried to kill Reagan. It is no coincidence.
  13. If you haven't been paying attention to the whole USA saga, you missed the USA FBI and CIA corruption - FISA Abuse, FBI misconduct regarding a fake Dossier, the Russia investigation. It is no secret that the U.S. CIA is corrupt and has been for years. You may want to study current events.
  14. Ok, there I go missing the point again. I was using my phone and didn't see all the texts above and thought "Urgent warning to all hoaxers" was a lone post. Apologies.
  15. I missed the mocking part. Sorry. LOL. I'm famous for missing the point.
  16. This pilot said that the UFO jammed radars. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8728321/Navy-pilot-witnessed-UFO-sighting-2004-said-flying-object-jammed-radars.html
  17. No offense intended, but we are very aware of people that try to gain fame by mimicking the Titor story. That being said, I will ask my usual questions that are born out of pure curiosity. Describe your time travel device. How does time travel work scientifically? Why are you posting on a public forum? Are you concerned about changing the timeline while posting? The Plan-Demic is 100% political. @Einstein has a request for you.
  18. Yes. The CIA runs a shadow government. Trump already exposed it. That’s what most of this chaos is about.
  19. It has been planned. USA is too strong to attack with only military, so they are destroying us slowly and actually, it is now accelerating with the help of internal traitors. America is being destroyed from within. I fear for my children.
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