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  1. Seriously. This is getting ridiculous. But isn't mass meditation basically prayer?
  2. What do you think? Can mass meditation change our timeline? Or are we really just switching our consciousness to a new timeline? I came across this. https://prepareforchange.net/2020/11/10/timeline-correction-meditation-on-november-11th-at-1011-am-utc/ Some people apparently meditated on November 11th. I wonder if they achieved their desired outcome.
  3. Ok, McKay, why don't you start by telling us your thoughts? There are theories all over this forum. Which one is correct? Or are there multiple ways to time travel? I can't imagine there only being one.
  4. @Cosmo Sydney Powell said that the evidence enters the courts this week and she was "on the phone". https://www.newsmax.com/newsmax-tv/sidney-powell-campaign-lawyer-dominion/2020/11/21/id/998181/ I think your post was 100% accurate.
  5. So, nobody else noticed that @_Oz said something major was going to happen on the 19th and that just happened to be the day that Sydney Powell announced the law suits and evidence? Or nobody cares? He saw this coming. He could just be another smart person who pays attention, but I think this is very interesting.
  6. Every single one of them thinks they can become famous like the Titor legend. They get angry when we figure them out. Formula: Claim Questions asked by the curious Claimant becomes angry because he can't answer Claimant leaves and never returns That is the formula of an impostor. I wish they would at least be educated and entertain us a bit better.
  7. Good to just keep it here, then, so we can refer back to it. It could be someone psychic, as I believe we all have the ability. Or, it's sort of a poetic way of using logic to explain what could happen to America.
  8. SYDNEY POWELL RELEASED THE KRAKEN TODAY and totally schooled the fake news press! It was spectacular. All of this is being taken to court. How did @_Oz know, you guys?
  9. Where did this come from, Cosmo? 3 branches of government become one? Yikes. Sounds like dictatorship.
  10. Are we talking to Trump himself? 🙂 I wish. We know he is involved with time travel. The books make it way too obvious.
  11. Awaits for today's news. What could happen?
  12. How much time had passed? Did the date change?
  13. I think that we can sometimes see glimpses of other timelines, like crossovers. They may be points where we can enter the other time line. If they connect, we can jump. (Just at theory. I can't prove it). But if they do connect, we would definitely see glimpses of it, would we not? There must be many more than we even realize. The thing is, we often dismiss oddities. What if we actually paid attention? I've actually been paying closer attention and am finding too many things that cannot be coincidence. (I will have to make another post because mine are religions experiences). Anyway,
  14. A copy of ourselves? Or just more planets and stars and probably planets with life, like here.
  15. See? Elon put the car in space as a tourist attraction. I knew it.
  16. I didn't think of that. First and last.... makes perfect sense. You are someone who knows computers and security. Wonder if I already know you. (Apologies, I am finding a few months worth of new posts I somehow missed).
  17. Not meaning to give you a hard time in any way, shape, or form, but how do you know that we lack the technology to time travel?
  18. I agree 100%. The climate changes naturally and has been for centuries. Humans should focus on adaptation, not changing the climate to suit their needs. We've survived this long via adaptation and due to evolution, humans are basically already doing so without us even noticing. Earth does a beautiful job taking care of herself. What happens when humans stop intervening? Nature takes over and resets everything. It breaks down everything we've built. Earth is a fascinating machine that knows how to recycle. We need to trust her for once.
  19. "Your Commander in Chief, -Oz" Wait, are you the President? 🙂 @_Oz
  20. @_Oz "I'll tell exactly what I plan to do, because if we succeed--we'll be back on track by November, and if I fail, it won't matter anyway because America still gets invaded within 5 years & this data will be lost in the archives." I missed a lot of new posts the past few months. Just saw this. I'm guessing you can't tell us who is invading? I personally think it is already happening, but I don't want to start a huge political argument in the time travel section. If you told us who is/will be invading, we'd be able to stop it and the timeline would change. My question
  21. Nikola Tesla: 'If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.' The universe was created using vibrations from the big bang. Planets, stars, etc. are proof that sacred geometry exists. We are not seeing random blobs. We see spheres, marvelous spirals, etc. The creation of the universe is/was/will be a beautiful thing. If the universe can manifest using vibration, which becomes geometry, then humans should manipulate technology to do the same. Can you imagine if we figured out how to build structures using techniques in the vi
  22. How would a black hole erupt? What would be the cause and is it possible considering the gravitational collapse is the strongest known to man? What could be so strong that a black hole would lose this gravitational pull? Very curious.
  23. New working link posted, but it can easily be found on a search engine if you don't like the source.
  24. The dimensions start out very physical and end up being abstract and intangible. Just an observation. "7th dimensional plane: This is the plane of telekinesis. This is even less understood than the plane of clairvoyance, yet it does exist. This often thought of as "supernatural", when in fact it a real thing." IMHO -- perhaps this is the dimension where telekinesis is possible or accessed rather than BEING telekinesis. Just like Clairvoyance -- that is where the information is accessed.
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