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  1. There are SO MANY sheep in Florida. They won't let go of their facial security blankets.
  2. I don't believe in the Covid fairy tale anymore. I think people have had the flu. People with the correct symptoms are told they have covid. The flu can get really nasty and kill people as well, along with other virus, bacteria, and conditions. Hospitals are paid to report covid cases. It's really odd that a new strain pops up the same day the vaccine comes out, and in the UK so that China can't be blamed again. (We know many politicians are in bed with China). I do not wish people to be sick, but we cannot trust a single word the news says. Not one. All this happened during a political uproar
  3. @Mayhem Did you enter the vortex?
  4. There is one. Part of the Space Force's mission is to monitor these things. I also have no faith in "polls".
  5. So, none of this is real? The name Bradshaw is in my family tree.
  6. Another prediction? A virus is used to target someone. Had the potential of becoming a deadly pandemic and it was called the Cullen virus. This is still season 1.
  7. Occam's Razor is just as much a copout as coincidence. The universe is complex, not simple.
  8. Oh, so it is fiction, basically? Or do you mean it is corrected?
  9. Exactly, we are lab rats. It's quite possible that many people died of other causes, after all, thousands die per day of other conditions that are not reported in the news. My friend went to the hospital for pneumonia and they told him he had Covid. How convenient. How exactly do we know they are telling the truth? I also wonder if parents aren't even testing their children and they are getting the flu right now and telling the schools it is Covid. I find it suspicious that during flu season, I keep getting phone calls that students were found to have Covid. I really bet the parents are
  10. I've been watching the show Black List starring James Spader. It is a really simple show. Every episode is about taking down a bad guy that is on a list and they succeed every time. It isn't the most complicated show in the universe, but I'm watching it because I noticed some interesting things about it. I am still watching season one (which is really long). I found these episodes interesting (no spoilers, I promise): A Chinese virologist was kidnapped because she was going to go to DC as a whistleblower. In another episode, a senator named Mitchell was murdered. If the real life M
  11. This is really interesting. I didn't know they had flavors as far back as 1853.
  12. Discuss the upcoming Covid 19 vaccination here. Not many are trusting a vaccine that is being forced in some countries like England. If they haven't decided to enforce it, yet, they are certainly thinking about it. Even my 80 year old parents are wary of the potential side effects of a quickly made vaccine. I am pro-vaccine as long as it isn't politically motivated. There is something about this one that doesn't sit right with me. Perhaps it is because billionaires are involved and it will be used during a very unstable time period. Thoughts?
  13. Allegedly, in Denmark, Minks were infected with Covid-19 for science and they of course, died. Well, they claim the minks came back to life after being buried. Further reading shows that they really didn't come back alive, but gasses underground pushed them out of their shallow graves. https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/world/2020/11/25/covid-19-denmark-mink-rising-from-the-dead/6426378002/ Has anyone else heard of this happening? Are they trying to develop zombies intentionally? https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2019/06/28/zombie-animals-why-deer-raccoons-snakes-an
  14. Has anyone experienced this? Please share.
  15. I read that some bikers or hikers or tourists of some sort removed it. WTH.... Can't we have something mysterious without some moron destroying it? I considered it art, something quirky to talk about, and some environmentalist says it is littering. So tired of people.
  16. Buddy has his own channel on Rumble. Enjoy. https://rumble.com/vbhhgt-buddy-the-alligator-grunting.html
  17. I agree. It's a cop out. Cause and effect exist. Coincidence implies nothing caused anything, that something magically happened out of thin air. During the past few years I have been opening my eyes to God and am seeing miracles left and right. The problem is, and I apologize for going off topic, that I don't understand why prayer can change some things, but not others. For instance, Jesus can make blind men see and crippled men walk, but he couldn't save my rabbit??? Anyway, yes, time travel is possible. Everything is possible. The real question in life should be if something "
  18. And there is no such thing as coincidence.
  19. Never let someone put you down for investigating. MSM and people who are too lazy to think will call everything a "conspiracy theory". And the truth is, our government is one big conspiracy to begin with, even if it wasn't originally intended to be that way. We do question, doubt, investigate, but that is part of critical thinking. We don't even have to believe everything as long as we put logical thought to it. So, no worries. Brush off the mentally lazy. They are simply sheep. We will wait to see if anything in this poem comes true. Why not? It hurts nobody. 🙂 🙂
  20. Can anyone identify this? Is it used to launch satellites or is it truly an alien space craft?
  21. They need to do forensics. Look for footprints and other evidence to determine if a human simply placed it there. I do hope they leave it alone.
  22. Random doesn't necessarily be illegitimate. Remember, I have a theory about accidental psychic information. When creating, we think we are just using our imagination but can accidentally predict the future. Perhaps this person thought we was writing a random poem, but he was really reading the future. I guess we'll find out in due time. I will repeat my story for people who are new here. I believe artists accidentally predict the future at times and I have evidence. The band Dream Theater released an album on 9/11 that had a picture of NYC burning. (See below). They immedia
  23. There is a fine line between this and prayer, though. Most people pray in a sort of meditative state and ask for things. It's all tied together, I believe.
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