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  1. It becomes more and more apparent every day. That's how quickly things are going down the toilet. I am still in utter shock that SO MANY will trade in their freedom for a tiny little check twice a year. The brainwashing worked on SO MANY, and they even trained these people to HATE and become violent towards anyone who opposes the dictatorship. It definitely IS a psyops war, but why didn't we ALL fall for it? Maybe the alleged "vaccine" would help take care of that --- get the rest of us. (There is no way in HELL I'm taking a politically motivated, rushed vaccine backed by BIll Gates).
  2. I'm just goin' with the flow. You love to take on big projects, eh? 🙂
  3. Always. It has been like this my entire life.
  4. I want to believe that, and my husband did visit the gun shop and it was so packed he had no place to park. (We'll get more ammo online). BUT I've heard this so many times before. Inauguration day -- where were the militias? Were they still playing soldier in their back yard? All these militias promised to save the constitution and all they do is talk. I will believe it when I see it. I apologize for being bitter, but Trump had the power to save the country and he did not. He handed it over. Our freedoms are being stripped from us and the elimination of the white man is slowly happening
  5. I've heard 4 years of "it's going to happen soon!" and "today is the day it all comes out" and it never does. I decided not to place any faith in government. "The Day" never comes.
  6. Been using Telegram. I'm on Bill Mitchell's chat and get a lot of information there. If the U.S. is under military rule, how did they allow the election to be stolen?
  7. I am very sad about what America is now becoming and it is happening at record speed. It seems that the dystopian book 1984 is coming true, with news being edited to meet certain agendas, free speech being torn from us, the government trying to pay us to "shut up and comply", false accusations (on a weekly basis at least) of racism, high taxes in the horizon, etc. Voting no longer works because it was proven that it is and can all be rigged at any given moment. D.C. has become a police state. If the election were fair and the government was working "for the people", there would not be a n
  8. The war is still on. Our rights are being stripped from us day by day. Communism and China is taking over. Illegal immigrants are being allowed to flood the country. Most are good people but the drug cartels and terrorists pour right in with them, kidnapping, raping, stealing, murdering. If you had a huge container of M&M's and were told that one was poison, would you eat any? "We may not have a civil war" - I disagree. The war is no longer fought on the battle field. Now, back to the topic -- I do not recall John Titor predicting Donald Trump's presidency.
  9. I won't repeat my story, but I had an experience with a post office changing and then later changing back. I've never had that type of experience again, that I am aware of. I say that because we just may not always be paying close enough attention to see these things.
  10. Ok, good to know. With today's technology, we should be able to get excellent photos of alien crafts, but it also means people are able to fake them. Maybe one day...
  11. Welcome to the United States of China.
  12. Removal of the truth is a common trend in America now.
  13. @_Oz = Aeternus Rex oz = Trump as well? Last Statement
  14. Excellent questions. Hey @_Oz read above! Communication between timelines. If one has the technology to time travel, wouldn't it be possible to use similar technology to communicate? Can you imagine having a walkie talkie and talking to yourself in another timeline? Mind blowing.
  15. I'm trying to get him back. Hopefully, he gets e-mail notifications. Real or not, he is very interesting and entertaining, and I was quiet impressed that something happened on the day he said it would. Then, he vanished. I wish it were something more definitive. It was only the beginning of a fight, not concrete results, but these days, I'll take it.
  16. @_Oz We request your presence! 🙂
  17. Please view my other post about Bill Gates’ Event 201.
  18. This "event" is promoted by BILL GATES AND JOHN HOPKINS. Read through this pandemic exercise and tell me if it sounds familiar. https://www.centerforhealthsecurity.org/event201/scenario.html?fbclid=IwAR07cpkykXBMerLZnj6gNHQ6XmbzgCXyULtBxZOZIulQzCVdGQgPPEaC-jY The link has photo evidence that this was actually discussed! Makes you wonder what COVID REALLY IS. Interesting that Bill Gates pushes a vaccine!
  19. Rather than scour the internet and read potentially fake news, I have been asking real medical professionals about the flu. Well, actually, one person told me about his flu experience and that is what prompted me to do this. When I ask doctors and nurses, I simply say "I am curious" so that hopefully there isn't any bias. Here's my story. I have been talking to a man for several years online who was in medical school. He now is in residency and he came to me and said he's exhausted and wants to quit because all he does is test for Covid all day. Then, he mentioned that he stopped tes
  20. Space Force members will now be called "Guardians". This is really interesting because you do not choose that name for grins and giggles. Perhaps Space Force is being developed to protect Earth. After all, our President can see the future. It is sort of cyclical. He sees the future and creates it as he sees it. I do know that one purpose was to study asteroids, but one doesn't just have the need to "guard" without knowing something could happen. Think about it. https://www.newsmax.com/politics/space-force/2020/12/18/id/1002282/
  21. Covid 19 "not available"? https://phibetaiota.net/2020/10/jon-rappoport-cdc-admits-covid-19-does-not-exist/?fbclid=IwAR1bp0QtfNa672y3-aRvzcBFeTvkGJrJcikUQiJHDdasmRoDRreeUgA0jog The article contains: "The CDC document titled, “CDC 2019-Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) Real-Time RT-PCR Diagnostic Panel.” It is dated July 13, 2020."
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