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  1. PaulaJedi

    This episode of Outta Time mentions some Star Trek news as well as Stone Henge, Wood Henge, Mega Henge, anti-gravity propulsion,and hear from a special 10 year old guest who discusses cats and psychic abilities!
  2. PaulaJedi

    *NOT MONETIZED* This episode of Outta Time talks a little about Anonymous and also explores the prediction/possibility of an earthquake happening along the New Madrid fault line in Arkansas, with evidence to support m claim. What's interesting are the nuclear power plants that could be involved. Furthermore, hear about an upcoming head transplant plus a lot more! Please follow on Twitter @outtatime177. **NOTE: Monetization has been REMOVED from this episode due to my support of ANONYMOUS.
  3. PaulaJedi

    This episode explores scientist John G. Trump (not political), Florida weirdos, lasers, mosquitoes, Large Hadron Collider news, and more! Be sure to subscribe to this channel and follow me on Twitter @outtatime177
  4. PaulaJedi

    Time travel and fringe science news with PaulaJedi of microsingularity.net. This episode discusses robots, DNA backup, Doctor Who, UFO researcher mysteries, smart appliances, and more! Also, listen for a special message from my time traveler friend!
  5. PaulaJedi

    Time travel and fringe science news with PaulaJedi. Why didn't John Titor's nuclear war happen in 2015? Will it still happen? Why is ex Secretary of Defense William Perry concerned about a nuclear war? What is Putin's say on this? Why was the time travel community nervous this week? What does a rose curve have to do with time travel? Listen and find these answers and more!
  6. PaulaJedi

    Outta Time Episode 4 by PaulaJedi. Time Travel and Fringe Science News. This episode discusses John Titor's olympics prediction as well as Doctor Who news, oxygen found in space, a strange object in a painting, and more! Please follow me on Twitter @outtatime177 .
  7. PaulaJedi

    Outta Time Episode 3 by PaulaJedi. Time travel and fringe science news. This episode discusses aliens, Cascadia Rising, NASA, Stephen Hawking and more! Please follow me on Twitter @outtatime177
  8. PaulaJedi

    Outta Time Episode 2. Your source for weekly time travel and fringe science news. This episode has an announcement about John Titor and also discusses cancer, Stephen King, Einstein, floods, and more! In fact, a possible time traveler warned me about floods and then the massive flooding in West Virginia happened! Please follow me on Twitter @outtatime177
  9. PaulaJedi

    Time Travel and fringe science news by PaulaJedi of www.microsingularity.net. Information about science, John Titor, and other time travel related topics. This episode discusses the John Titor exit video, time travel movies, and more. Please follow me on Twitter @outtatime177
  10. PaulaJedi

    This episode of Outta Time explores the time travel themed tv shows Timeless and Travelers, as well as cockroaches for valentine's day, Project Stargate (CIA), face recognition cameras, and more! You can follow me on Twitter @microsingular or @outtatime177 but be forewarned that I enjoy politics! (I can't believe I'm actually saying that. I used to hate politics).
  11. PaulaJedi

    How on earth did Duran Duran know about the 45th president of the United States? Watch and listen to find out what I mean. They knew about Trump Tower, that's for sure. Is this merely coincidence, or is something eerie going on?
  12. PaulaJedi

    Who is John Titus, Time Traveler? He no longer wishes to be called John Titor and I decided to ask him some questions about the future. I encourage you to do the same! I also discuss the mysterious radiation, Iodine 131, that is appearing over Europe and Northern Norway.
  13. PaulaJedi

    This episode of Outta Time explores the recently discovered crack in the earth in Arizona, Armageddon and signs of end times, a crack also found in Wyoming, and an alien sighting in Canada!
  14. PaulaJedi

    This episode of Outta Time discusses who is behind the John Titor hoax and who solved it as well as the moon as a projection, the cold vaccine, smart jeans, and a whole lot more! You can follow me on Twitter @outtatime177 and @microsingular
  15. PaulaJedi

    This episode of Outta Time has an announcement about a John Titor announcement (haha) as well as a question: Can humans absorb other peoples' energy? And what is this about a destructive Christmas beaver, a miniature snowman, and time travel forums? You'll have to listen and watch to find out! Please like, subscribe, comment, and share! You can follow me on Twitter @outtatime177.
  16. PaulaJedi

    Why didn't John Titor kill Hitler? John Titor opens up and answers a few more questions. Fireballs in Florida? WHAT? And poor John Glenn...all on this exciting episode of Outta Time. You don't wanna miss this one!
  17. PaulaJedi

    Exclusive interview with someone claiming to be John Titor. Is he real or a hoax? It's up to you to decide. He also has messages for Oliver Williams, Temporal Recon, Sam, and others. Outta Time is your source for Time Travel and Fringe science news! Stay Frosty!
  18. PaulaJedi

    This episode of Outta Time - has warp drive been discovered by accident? What does this imply for time travel? Optical clocks can make GPS even better! And check out this wild Christmas dinner sundae!
  19. PaulaJedi

    This episode of Outta Time explores the upcoming super moon, miniature satellites, some predictions, Russia news, and the burning question, do plants know we're eating them? You can follow me on Twitter @outtatime177 and @microsingular
  20. PaulaJedi

    This episode discusses the amazing coincidences in the movie Back to the Future 2, including the Cubs winning the World Series and Donald Trump. It also explores dark matter, Albert Einstein, an HDR time travel device (Hyper Dimensional Resonator), and Florida man who did something strange to his private parts!
  21. PaulaJedi

    This controversial and heated special edition of Outta Time talks about a school that is punishing a child for being shy, Mexico's proof of aliens and UFO's, and what you can do to learn and think for yourself. Remember to always BE THE CHANGE. Don't sit back and do nothing when you seen injustice. TAKE ACTION and change the world!
  22. PaulaJedi

    This episode talks about proof that consciousness effects matter, proof of a global consciousness, as well as some Nikola Tesla NEWS for your listening pleasure!
    Fringe Science and Time Travel news and other topics! Make sure you watch episode 15, with some real ghost photos:
    You can follow me on Twitter @outtatime177 and @microsingular
  23. PaulaJedi

    Episode 15 explores the Saint Augustine, FL Lighthouse ghost phenomena with a possible real photo as well as an EVP of a little girl. (Please note: This was in the middle of the night. Children were not allowed to investigate). Also includes some Walking Dead Season 7 news, ghost cats, and more!
  24. PaulaJedi

    This episode of outta time has NEW John Titor and ICANN news as well as some information about some delicious, refreshing cockroach milk and.. OMG... the clown apocalypse is coming! Better listen!
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