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  1. I still believe Titor was fictional but there is always the possibility of Habers being TOLD to do what they did. It all could be one big joke, too, but "Titor" was right. We are sitting back watching our freedoms being taken away. I will be 65 in 2036 and hope TTI still exists.
  2. I agree Kerr. By not pursuing the insurrection act, the guy we trusted, Trump, handed us over to all enemies on a silver platter. They are using viruses to control us and even China is making threats to use more viruses as a biological weapon. Trump could have stopped this with one stroke of a pen. I will never understand. I think that there will be sheep that will wear masks indefinitely, especially if MSM convinces all of them that this is a more dangerous flu. MSM is simply one big propaganda machine.
  3. @gamerz31w I'm thinking you should make a Time Travel Video thread. This is turning out to be a general "post anything" thread, but we prefer to be a bit more organized. If you want me to do it, let me know.
  4. I hope you are right. Trump WAS quoted saying he wanted people to see how bad this administration would be. Is there any place we can see if the Insurrection Act was signed? Trump seems a bit quiet about the vaccine, but has in no way told us what is really in it.
  5. First, the flu vanished. (Or it was renamed Covid). Now, news outlets such as fox (which I don't watch. I just saw it pop up on my phone) are declaring that Covid will be gone by winter and the FLU is the next danger. How can anyone possibly trust any of this BS? The flu has always been dangerous to the elderly and those with weak immune systems, but they want masks to be permanent. I guarantee you --- middle eastern style face garb will become permanent. This doesn't make you suspicious in any way? It doesn't raise a red flag? Scared people can be contr
  6. Why are you using the name Temporal Recon?
  7. Razimus received an email with a confession from one of the Habers. Now, if you want to be really creative, you can believe that maybe a time traveler told them to do it. You never know. But Larry was an entertainment lawyer and every lawyer on the planet is out to make a quick buck. Unfortunately, they hurt someone in the process, and created an entire world of schizophrenics that now believe Titor visits them. The Karma of this saga has been extensive.
  8. Look what I missed, being busy. I just ran out of things to ask Titor. And impostors come and go.
  9. I’m not so sure it is anxiety. I feel a longing when I am alone in the woods, which I enjoy immensely.
  10. I will check it out soon. The earth is full of fractals, that’s why the computer versions look so real. Even sound makes them.
  11. I hope they taught it how to clean the dust off its sonar panels.
  12. That's quite an assumption. As vast as the universe is, is it really wise to assume ALL life requires water to survive?
  13. I just figured the government would be required to do something, whether you want it or not.
  14. note: I don’t claim to know all the facts, so feel free to add to this or correct me. This is my perception. So, much, if not all, of Texas is out of power due to a heavy snow storm. The rural residents have wells, which only run on electricity AND I’m sure the pump can freeze up. Thousands have no water. What is sleepy Joe doing about it? Why isn’t the national guard evacuating people or delivering supplies, like water? When flooded Louisiana was ignored for 3 days, they cried racism. Is Texas not being helped because of political bias? Or, if it is indeed being helped, wh
  15. Could have been a spider on the wall.
  16. Oracle, I did have a serious family event, but it happened today instead of Monday. It did not affect me, but yes, there was some potential for arguing, but we did not. So, I consider your prediction pretty accurate. When I try psychic stuff, dates are really difficult for me, so I understand. You did pick up on the fact that my siblings and I argue a lot. Also, I was laughing at myself above, not you. I believe all humans have psychic abilities. @TheMatrixOracle
  17. @TheMatrixOracle My turn. If I am wrong I am wrong. You do readings the same way I do. But I see vivid colors. Cannot promise anything. Just trying. I see you in a black tshirt. Male. White zombie came to mind instantly. Jeans. White sneakers. Age 20’s - 30’s. For some reason I see a daisy. A single one. White with yellow center. Black background. Now I see a LOT of trees. Anything familiar to you or am I just creative?
  18. @TheMatrixOracle My car is here but maybe I am confusing you. Focus on an SUV.
  19. @TheMatrixOracle P.S. When I first moved here, our walls were light yellow and the office was dark green. We have since painted.
  20. @TheMatrixOracle I took note of 664 and the date. Thank you. Did you get a positive or negative feeling about the event?
  21. @TheMatrixOracle I am allowing you to try! Do more remote viewing and see if you catch the color of my car. It is not green or yellow. I am a full believer in psychic ability and I agree that everyone has the ability. I am not mocking you in any way, shape, or form. I used to do these kinds of activities with my friends as a teenager. We were right 75% of the time! I will read what you wrote above....
  22. Who will become president after this nightmare?
  23. If anyone else suffers from ADHD, I would like to compare notes and share coping techniques. Don’t be shy. We can help each other.
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