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  1. I have talked to CH (Chronohistorian) a few times on the yahoo and have gotten the impression he is not even thinking through his answers. A little research could have given him some time before he was debunked. Heck he was more than debunked and still goes on. I explained my experiments in Rving and time travel and he just told me I could not have been traveling because of this stuff he calls Chronoradiation. CH, you story has very little creditability. You have made no effort to make your story real to us. You have degraded people and called them stupid. I can tell you from experi
  2. Ok, I am posting here again to try and get some help understanding what is happening. I know that there are a lot of false people here, but I am praying that some one will be able to help me. I know that a lot of you don't remember me because I see a lot of new names here. I will try to explain as best as I can what I am experiencing. I have been doing experiments in RV-ing and Time travel. It has been close to a year now since I started really working on this in any practical matter. I have had some scary things happen since I started trying to boost the signal that I would get fr
  3. Hello everyone…..it has been a long time….I would like to start off by apologizing for my arrogance when I stopped posting. Creedo299, since you are the only one that voiced your opinion of my post I will personally apologize to you. I am sorry for my actions. I was under a lot of stress because no one wanted to take what I was doing seriously. I had ask many people on many boards to help with the control factors of my experiments. I ended up putting ad out to hire someone to handle this function. The following is for those who have no idea what I am talking about. These are th
  4. What the \"H\" is happening!!!!!!!!!!! Part II Well, I now know who really knows what they are talking about.......it seems that no one picked up on the gross mistakes in my post about the brain wave activity that I recorded. Now don't get me wrong the things that happened during my RV experiments really happened, but when I posted on this board I put in some things that anyone that knew about how the brain works and what happens when RVing would pick up on. Number one; I can't believe no one picked up on the fact I never told you what brain wave I was talking about..........there are fo
  5. Re: What the Creedo, I may be reading your post wrong, but it seems I hit a nerve or something. That was not my intention and am sorry about upsetting you, but I had to state what I thought. I don't know if you remember when I was on asking for people to handle targets or not, but i stated back then that the whole reason I am doing this research is to try to be able to travel through time. Not in the physical sense, but through the power of the sub space mind. I have been able to get a 80% hit on almost all present targets and 78% hit on all past targets. I explained why I have n
  6. Re: What the \"H\" is happening?????!!!!!!! Maybe you all didn't understand me right or maybe I just didn't say it right, but what ever the case let me try to explain in more detail what happened. First off, "299" I have not tried to even view targets in the future because I have no way to see if the data I collect is correct or not. Second, my flat line was in the past all brain waves registered at 44mhz I am at this time not using any device to try and clear up signals I am just trying to isolate the point at wich the data is flowing from the subspace mind to the physical mind. I hav
  7. What the \"H\" is happening?????!!!!!!! For you that don't no or remember me I am the guy who wanted to try and reach though time using remote viewing as an avenue. 44mhz.................................. Does this mean anything to any of you?????? I have isolated the brain wave that receives the data when viewing a past target during a Remote Viewing session....I have no future targets so can not be certain that it would be the same. When viewing targets that are in the present it seems that some times without trying the data will settle on 44mhz, but most of the time it is some whe
  8. I just want to know where you are from.............this earth or another reality what is your claim......it is that simple.....it would clear up some things for me. Please answer the question. I need to know.
  9. I am going to explain what I am trying to do in order to effect Space/Time. It may sound a little on the new age side but it isn't. So just bear with me as I try to explain. I would like as much input from people as I can get. So here goes. Many if not all of you have heard of Remote Viewing. There are many misconceptions on what this is and how it is done in the general public. I am in no way an expert in the field, but do have knowledge and working experience in Remote Viewing. I will try first to explain what Remote Viewing really is. The first thing you need to know is it is n
  10. Transient001, I am highly confused. :confused: You have said now twice that you are not from the future. If you are not from the future then where are you from? You have talked about different coordinates such as TR125.0017 and having tea with people the past. I do not understand Transient, could you please, please make a clear post with out the religious wording? I am not going to quote you because it isn't that important to get the words right, but just to clear up where I am confused. You have mentioned a counsel that you have to answer to. Is this in/on our time/earth? Which
  11. destroying angel, I see your point about my post. Again I didn't mean to be rude. I must point out that my conclusion was that it would be the death of a universe not the universe as a whole. Yes a personal universe of sorts. Again i am sorry for being rude. I just couldn't see how he thought that I thought it would destroy everything. In context of what I said, even thought my word structure leaves a little to be desired, I Was trying to make the point that it would not destroy the whole universe. As for TTA I can not say weather he is for real or likes problems. I will state my o
  12. Re: Time Travel and metephysical properties. Cat, Sorry we will not be seeing you around for a while. I just want to tell you that I just think T-001 is not a time traveler. I do believe time travel is happening. I don't think it has originated out of our point in the time line but some time in the next 100 years or so........again I may be wrong. T-001 has said some things that smell funny. If he is just looking then he has broken his own rule by interacting with us on this message board. Getting an e-mail account, and so on. I do believe that looking is the limit of time travel
  13. transient001, You said: "I fail to comprehend why you believe that tiem travel could be a fatal event to the universe. In my opinion it is not, if it were that way the universes would have already demised." Your reading comprehension must not be so good. Number one I did not say that time travel would destroy the whole universe. I said it would be that way for the person doing it. Plus I was talking about how the time traveler perceived his universe not how the rest of us would. The universe would in still exsist just not the way the traveler once knew it. Hence this is why I s
  14. Shadow I don't know how much of your post to take to heart but it was worth a laugh none the less. The last line killed me. Boy, it must of been a real shock!
  15. I know the subject has caught your eye and that is why I entitled it so. I have been studying time travel for about two years now and am entering into the actual experimentation phase. I have a limited income, but a drive to try old an new ideas. I just have to let you all know that I have looked into a lot of the so called time travel devises and find them to be just electro-field coils that by themselves could be fatal if mis-handled. As for them effecting a electric clock and saying that it effected time is crap. All they did is effect the electronics keeping the time in the clock.
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