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  1. About to test out my time machine. If any of my previous statuses say whether or not it worked, then you'll know the result.

  2. About to test out my time machine. If any of my previous statuses say whether or not it worked, then you'll know the result.

  3. Seems like a good way to have them published without stepping on any toes. That often seems to be the problem with public forums such as this.
  4. Often times it can take one who does not know much of a certain topic to unravel more of its mysteries. Even if they might not be right, it is also possible that they could open the eyes of other scientists on the possibilities. Please, keep discussing your theories, it helps, I hope.
  5. That's what I figured when I broke down the word, but I wanted to make sure. I'm not exactly sure what's so bad about a perpetuum mobile, could someone explain this too?
  6. I'm not very skilled at website creation, and I feel like it would be an awful lot of work (not to sound lazy) just to have a chatroom.
  7. Would you mind please explaining to me what a perpetuum mobile is?
  8. True, there is the issue of the time differences seperating us. I still feel as if it might be something worth looking into, as it could bring forth, as I stated before, much quicker responses. It would also help with some people who are only able to spend so little time on the forum before having to log off. Conversations and debates are often better when you can respond to a comment when it's still relevant and you can talk to others nearly instantly.
  9. Hey, one way I feel this site could improve is if there were some sort of BBS or chat room were people could access a discussion immediately rather than post a thread and wait for responses. If the site already has a chat room and I merely don't see it, I apologize, and would appreciate a nudge in the right direction.
  10. Recently, I watched an anime called Steins;Gate. The series is about time travel and if you have yet to watch it, I highly advise you do so. Be warned, below are some spoilers. In Steins;Gate, one form of time travel they use is not by physically sending the traveler, but using information. As a physical being such as a human cannot live in the intense conditions of a black hole, they send information, usually an e-mail. These e-mails that go back are named D-Mail. I find this to be a very interesting concept, and I am curious if this has ever been considered. If anyone would like to give t
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