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  1. I think their is some validity to The Rainbow Project ( Philadelphia Exp.) I know egg heads in some room 20 stories sub-grade are working on time travel somewhere. It is too important of a technology not to be.
  2. My unrealistic plan involved only me owning a time machine. If I invented a time machine and locked it away in a safe room and told no one then the aforementioned problems would not exist. Correct?
  3. TT: My plans, very simple. Live my life over again from age 15 to present. Live it knowing everything I know today. Bring with me my patented inventions. Obtain new patents from what I know today and bring them to the 1970's. Earn millions and use the money to start a foundation I have always wanted to begin. I earn a good living now but can not bring the amount of funds needed to start this foundation. Wishful thinking.
  4. Whomever invented a time machine would possess more responsibilities then anyone before him/her. With the many worlds theory the ripples would be negligible. Perplexing situation. I just want to go back to 1978 and relive most of my life and carry with me the technology and inventions I know of today.
  5. I believe the Philadelphia Experiment touched upon success even though many sailors lost their minds and lives. Montauk also had some great results. If I traveled back in time though I would not get younger. Stay the same age does not bode well with my plans.
  6. TT- I am sure MIT and NASA etc...have a team of egg heads working in a room 20 stories below grade working on time travel as we speak. I just do not know the basis of their experimentation. From what I have read in order to time travel you need so reach 186,000 per second or find a worm hole and successfully enter. We do not even know if black holes or worm holes even exist. Reaching the speed of light, in 2013 is so beyond our technology. The space shuttle, I think reached 25,000 per hour in space. That is comparing an ant hill to Mt. Everest.
  7. TT Agreed it would have to be regulated by gov't and military. Give me your thoughts on when a time travel jump would be sanctioned. I believe we could not change past events like Pearl Harbor, 1929 Stock Market Crash, 9/11 etc...The ripples would be so far reaching. On second thought, 9/11 could be a good model to time jump. It was not that far into the past. We could see the events that occurred after 9/11 and none were positive. So you go back to 9-10-2001. Install NAVY Seals on each plane kill the terrorists and it is over. Send in SEAL team 6 to kill Bin Laden. OK done. I believe the next 12 years could cause America to be in a better economic position. Perhaps even Obama would never get into office.
  8. It was years ago. I love movies involving time travel due to the possibilities and what can be learned from the future and what can be changed from the past. Short version: Genius guy finds out his girlfriend has a deadly virus that was spread throughout the US by unknown cause. Genius guy has been working on tt for years and finally gets a working machine. He travels forward in time 50 years for a cure for the decease she has. He finds out no known cure was ever found and the population of the world is being decimated by the virus. He also finds out that a 3rd world dictator retained a team of chemists to genetically create the virus. He goes back to his present time and makes a decision that he needs to go into the past and kill the 3rd world dictator before he orders the chemists to create the virus. blah, blah, blah, happy ending.
  9. I believe in time travel. I would be a test subject in a heartbeat. I would welcome alien life taking me back in time. No problem. Time travel in our time though is just a theory. We will never see TT in our lifetime.
  10. TT - I am not sure that is a good idea either. Imagine the amount of people who would want to travel back in time to change something in their past, see a departed family member, go back and play the lottery. It would be like Grand Central Station.
  11. Cosmo: thanks nice to be here. I remember a guy in the 1970's that invented a carburetor that would allow a car to get 90 miles per gallon. Well we never heard of him again and the car industry never employed the part. Imagine someone inventing a time machine!! The Bilderberg Group and the Trilateral Commission would use their power to get that machine. Powerful, corrupt people like members of the aforementioned would not stop until they had the machine, you and your family dead and buried in a remote location and all records and documents proving you existed erased from the planet. The Bilderberg's and Trilateral Commission own D.C. and other governments so using the political machine would be easy for them to find you and confiscate the machine. A detailed plan would need to be into place before using the machine or mentioning it to anyone. Removing the people and organizations who would stop you is vital. You have a time machine, so one jump into the past could remedy a lot of turmoil you may face.
  12. Sorry for the last post. I am new here and assume the posts are laced with fact not fiction. I am beginning to get the hang of the posts being fiction and we are assuming people on here traveled through time. I will be less critical and more jovial in the responses. Mr. Tater, please accept my apology for the aforementioned post. I enjoy your posts and remarks.
  13. I believe I am getting the hang of this site. Sorry for the last post.
  14. Dick are you saying you are a time traveler? Wait a second I am laughing to hard to type and see the keyboard. If you are a time traveler prove it? Give me the Powerball numbers for Saturday August 3rd. We will see.
  15. Dick do you have mental illness? Are you locked away in a dark room somewhere in Gary, Indiana? Your perplexing thoughts and observations are troubling to say the least. Is your mind on the verge of a total implosion? Is your soul cascading down a large black hole into a perpetual abyss of torment? LOL......
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