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  1. maybe that because he never stepped down and yes your very correct about his age when he was executed and your future is not very bright primative if you live in the states
  2. well im 2.4 meteres tall so i must be a giant in your terms im my time im considered very short oh and ps in the year 3024 there are over 3 billion known planets that suport life and we inhabit half of them
  3. no but before i return again i will tell you this3024 has been 971 years since your dictators(obarma) execution was performed why was he executed he kills 5 billion people in one day so it might tell you what you’re in for, its not breaking the rules it’s what happens in-between you should be worrying about sorry but i also say to all of you if you wish to test us don’t ask for what we may not be allowed to tell but ask this will i return yes if needed as I’m just a messenger service just like a telegram except its me in real life form so in answer to you future question no I’m not going to do
  4. to all travellers travel beyond 3024 is not recommended ,a accident has occurred and a vortex rip is preventing long jumps beyond this time. recommend jumps to or before 3024 January, then progress in normal time til June 3024 then jump safely after June this rip is believe to be permanent this message is not meant for this century sorry please dont bother replying i wont be answering as ill be home by the time you look at this message im sorry i dont know what plebs are for but before i return ill tell you this site lives on and has become our mainstay comunication hub we sort out you
  5. travel beyond 3024 is not recomended a vortex rip has occured warning

  6. travel beyond 3024 is not recomended a vortex rip has occured warning

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