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  1. Seriously, watch this vid from the 40min mark, if you think "islamofascists" did it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a36_CwzA0bk And, Gpa ... watch it from the start.
  2. You did so when you "corrected" me. You said that "scientists are more about UNDERSTANDING creation; than they are about it being their all". See? I can create illusions as much as you can. Capitalisation of the word "him" denotes your belief. Such a word does not hold a capital letter by itself.
  3. Stop elisioning. Start an intelligent conversation. Quote sources. Call you "scott". Are you done with ordering? Start some arguments if you are "awaiting" your ever-searched-for "intelligent conversation". I gaurantee you that I will end your appreciation of your god.
  4. I long for the days when a time traveller is some dumbfuck who doesn't know a wit about their machine, how they got here, or why they are here. In fact, I add to that list the fact that they aren't even cogniscant of being here.
  5. The resistance should have actually been the floors below; not just the central steel support structure. There was another very informative vid I saw a while back that theorised that "squibs" were both visible, and used ... can't recall the name off hand though. Another one would be to watch the first zeitgeist film, as it offers a little insight as well.
  6. That is because science is as limited as religion. I ask of you: Scientifically explain to me the presence of a thought, that does exist in one's own mind. It cannot be weighed, or measured, and its' not fully understood to be electromagnetic phenomena.
  7. ... surprised that I haven't seen Razimus up in this thread ...
  8. "The origins of this universe, and life on Earth, as discussed in the textbooks I have read, are very inaccurate. The texts – the books – that I have been given relating to the function of life forms contain information that is based on: false memories; inaccurate observation(s); missing data; unproven theories; and superstition. For example, just a few hundred years ago physicians practiced “bloodletting” as a means to release supposed “ill-humours” from the body, in an attempt to heal, or relieve, a wide variety of physical, or mental, afflictions. Although this has been corrected somewha
  9. You left it alone, because you have no answer for it - not for the reason of your lack of comprehension of the question/statement. And I don't care if your name's Jack, or Scott, or Bill ... I won't use it. Yet ... here we are. I have no need for evidence to my claims, as much as you have no need for evidence of there being a "god". What you've espoused - amongst your non-sensical ranting there - is not atheism. Atheism through ignorance is JUST ignorance. I know FAR more athiests that hold militant views against religion than I do of those whom are simply ignorant of religion.
  10. So ... obarma[sic] will be executed in 2053? lmao. by then he'll be a bajillion years old.
  11. One nagging lie is that he "predicted" that rights will be taken away ... when the patriot act [maybe not in its current form] was in the workings at around the time of the first trade center bombings. Thus it was considerably known that "they" were planning to introduce that act as a result of THOSE bombings.
  12. Since when has ANY discussion not had narrow aims? A contrary idea is folly. The monologue is clearly there - it needed no emphasis as it was its' own emphath. Since this idea is being rejected (somewhat) ... then I propose an outright banning of anyone whom suggests god is behind time travel ... since a thread negatively discussing such is against accepted protocol.
  13. He never "revealed" himself in the first place. "Yahweh" is greek/ancient sanskrit for "anonymous". How can you truly believe in a jailor that calls itself "anonymous"?
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