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  1. Hi all, yes this is self-promotion, but just to let you know that a time travel book titled "Life II" (three times selected by Book Bub) will be featured for FREE on Book Bub on June 22. https://www.amazon.com/Life-II-Scott-Spotson-ebook/dp/B00BJOS4J0 Enjoy! [ATTACH]403[/ATTACH]
  2. Hi Cosmo, tried to load two book cover graphics, but the file size limit is a bit low... I am even using thumbnail size! Can you increase your memory load allowable for uploading? Thanks! No rush....
  3. There is a new time travel book out, "Bridge Through Time." It involves parallel universes and time travel, and yes, aliens too! Check it out! http://www.amazon.com/Bridge-Through-Time-Scott-Spotson/dp/1500923583
  4. Been a while since I last posted. I'm happy to report that the sequel to "Life II," "Bridge Through Time," is now available on Amazon! http://www.amazon.com/Bridge-Through-Time-Scott-Spotson/dp/1500923583 There will be a giveaway for five paperback copies of the book, to be mailed out to the winners! Will be listed on Goodreads starting this Sunday.
  5. Life II was listed on Book Bub on Dec. 15, and the next day, it shot up to #2 Time Travel, #5 in Science Fiction, and #15 in Contemporary Fiction! Check what the fuss is all about. On sale at $0.99 in collaboration with Book Bub until Dec. 31.
  6. Hi all, a lot of time (pun intended) has passed since this initial posting! "Life II" is on sale on Kindle this month of November for just $0.99! And there's a new cover, too! See this joint article with Jessica Tornese, who also has penned time travel novels. http://jessicatornese.com/ Two chances to win time travel books! [ATTACH=full]20[/ATTACH]
  7. Enjoy a new time travel book, "Life II," just published on Amazon! Kirkus Reviews, a national book review magazine that publishes twice a month, says "A distinctive debut novel about the unpredictability of a life already lived, with enough time-bending to intrigue sci-fi fans." Another reviewer, Little Ebook Reviews, describes it as "...an emotionally gripping story," and "...no holds barred, raw..." Enjoy the give-away for five copies as posted on Goodreads! See website and click on "Enter to Win!" under "Win a Copy of this Book": http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/17354418-life-ii
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