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  1. After re-reading my previous posting/response, I think I should apologize for being so glib. I am a skeptic by nature when money is concerned, but I should not have thrown your ideas out of hand simply because you dared to dream. Good luck on your venture. The appropriateness of chance is astounding. Persephone
  2. Interesting thought. Have you read the article by Max Tegmark entitled "Parallel Universes: Not Just A Staple of Science Fiction, Other Universes Are a Direct Implication of Cosmological Observations" in the May 2003 SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN? Great aricle to get your noodle thinking. States rather matter-of-factly that present theories about parallel universes seem to be supported by empirical observation and data. Branches out to describe the three current cosmological subsets of this view of our universe/multiverse. A good read. The appropriateness of chance is astounding. Perseph
  3. Who knows? There's one born every minute, right? Sorry, you might be very geniune in your belief that said invention would work and that you just wish you had the resources to try it. But I find any plea for money, especially such sums, rather suspect. The appropriateness of chance is astounding. Persephone
  4. Continuing the discussion on Free Masons and Illuminati and such secret groups supposed to exist. I think the real crux of all of this really boils down to the social structures of human cultures. The issue or idea of secret societies is wrought from common man (and woman's) helplessness in controlling how their societies are managed. It is a class issue. Democracy as set by the fore fathers of the USA, in their wisdom to attempt to correct the imbalance of power from the rich to the poor, or the middle class and the obscenely wealthy. Democracy as the grand experiment of these for
  5. Sometimes there is genius in madness, or madness in genius. I truly believe this, or at least that it is possible. But LOGIC must prevail when all else is said and done. Loneliness is raging lion curled at your heels In the light of mere self one can see the stars and reach the stars and touch them as friends an acquaintance in the mirrored haze will speak utter his fancy and scare the colour in drips of night challenged by the wind, the self can emerge formed but vacant of the light it seeks the truth of light the egg of thought the edges all fringed and ami
  6. Hi, I am no mathematical whiz, but I couldn't help wondering when reading your posting, what the idea of this imaginary time component does to C, the constant of the speed of light. Wouldn't the premise that you have posed suggest that the speed of light is only constant from one perspective? Wouldn't the speed of light actually be variable when one considers different perspectives? You gave the example of two persons, one stationary and one moving away from the stationary individual. But what if the moving person was actually a beam of light, a laser, traveling at the speed of ligh
  7. Eisenhower's Warning & The Disclosure Project The posting below was also put onto the "Alien" discussion forum. But of particular interest for this forum is that one of the basic tenets of The Disclosure Project is to bring to light energy sources that are known to exist by the witness testimony. Also, a side shoot of The Disclosure Project is SEAS, which is searching for renewable eco-friendly energy sources that can be put to the better good of humanity in this time of crisis for the stability of our world and the humanity that finds it home here. They acknowledge that previous att
  8. Eisenhower's Warning We must be vigilant citizens. Humanity's future hangs in the balance, and those of us that seek the enlightened and humanitarian goals of a better human society, must steadfastly learn and teach, and remain hopeful. The truth is the truth. We must try to shine light into the darkened corner's of our existence, in ourselves, spiritually, and as citizens of nations. The truth must prevail, and we can only count on ourselves to be the ones to bring it to light! "In the counsels of Government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether
  9. Thank you for suggesting this website. I found the science intriguing. And, the socialogical phenominum of new religions springing up concerning ETs fascinating. Thanks, The appropriateness of chance is astounding. Persephone
  10. What if........ What if the crash at Roswell New Mexico in July 1947 really happened. What if the government really did recover an extra-terrestrial space vehicle. What if the reports by witnesses that they handled some metallic material that had strange properties, from that crash, were really true. What if the government, or a compartmentalized small faction of the government has since taken that crash material and studied it for years, with the intention to retro-engineer the advanced technology for personal gain, for national security, for global reasons, etc. What if there was a pl
  11. Hi, Just a little personal greeting to Transient001 and CAT if they are still reading & posting. Hi guys! What paths has life been leading you down lately? I am all ears (or eyes). Am very excited (and worried) about the "truthful" statis of our world. What happens if the powers that be sell us all out for power-greed? What if those powers that be have stumbled upon every retro-engineered "holy grail" that mankind can conceive of, and decided to keep it to themselves for austensibly security purposes, But the the nature of cloak and dagger has misplaced the keys to humanity's
  12. I posted this (above) quite awhile ago and no one has been inspired to follow up. Maybe on such a science oriented forum people aren't familiar with the abstracions of Jackson Pollock. But since then, I was over-joyed to see an article in Scientific American (December 2002 page 116) entitled "Order In Pollock's Chaos" in which Richard P. Taylor did a thorough computor analysis of Pollock's paint-splattered masterpieces and discovered fractal geometry at work! "Computer-assisted analysis of Pollock's paintings reveals that the artist built up layers of paint in a carefully developed techniq
  13. Dear Friend Transient, You are most correct in this declaration. It is a delicate matter indeed. My journeys began in quite a confused and sloppy manner. I became encited to fix the paradox of my life, so to speak. Accomplishing such a manuevre was most compicated and intense, and I spent much effort to effect a recursive spiral, with seven revolutions, until I had reset the track of it. I had help from dear friends. I thank them heartily for that, though I will never be with them again, they will always be in my thoughts of gratitude. You see, I just sort of fell into this sta
  14. I must interject here about dreamstates and the "Realness" of this states. Mankind has the ability to reach other states of reality in dreams. The ancients knew this, and some groups of peoples have retained these truths in their cultures, usually groups that have been isolated from the "Great Religions", the "organized" religions of man, which have sought to intercede betixt individuals and thier conceptions of "god", so as to control civically their loyalties and to increase the power and wealth of of those in the upper hierarchies. This is the history of human civilization, and with it
  15. Re: What the \"H\" is happening?????!!!!!!! Whoah, I feel a strong mental vibration when reading your post. I have spent some time working on the mental state of adjusting my "sonic" vibrations (I can't think of a better way to describe at the moment, but I am sure there is a better way to describe it), and found out a lot, but also became a bit confused with so much input of knowledge at such a fast rate. It has taken some time and distance for me to get my "normal" perspective back, without losing the memories, without losing the meaning and import. All has been slowly clarifie
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