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  1. Re: Time explained as union of EMF and gravity. *DELETED* Post deleted by wolf
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    Re: New Science *DELETED* Post deleted by wolf
  3. Survival isn't the greatest risk. People survived the middle ages.
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    Been talking to myself forever And how i wish i knew me better Still sitting on the shelf i've never Never seen the sun shine brighter And it feels like me on a good day
  5. Innovation requires education. Desperation alone leads only to "rigging". Being intelligent hasn't been "cool" in decades, so we're in trouble. ;)
  6. If one modifies the Mandelbrot set, a function for drawing a fractal star of any number of points can be obtained. Start with the Mandelbrot set: z[n+1] = z[n]^2 + c And simply change it to: z[n+1] = z[n]^(s+1) + c Where s is the number of points on the star. We can then see that the Mandelbrot set is an approximation to a 1-pointed star if such a thing were to exist. Following are the first 6 stars using this function: s = 1 s = 2 s = 3 s = 4 s = 5 s = 6
  7. Stop believing. Nothing on the internet is worth your emotion.
  8. Re: Inaccurate Clock on Microwave Oven *DELETED* Post deleted by wolf
  9. Long ago a simple test was conducted whereby a sample of radium was suspended by a wire in a metal-coated sphere. The alpha particles formed a measurable current, though I don't know how much power it produced.
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