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  1. One last post, this is important enough for a followup. - sometimes I don't like being right. Take note and take heed, this is not the usual rhetoric. As of today, Iran to enrich uranium to higher level: Ahmadinejad Ahmadinejad was more explicit. "By the grace of God, the Iranian nation will produce 20 percent enriched uranium and anything it needs (itself)," he said in a televised speech in the central city of Isfahan. He did not give a timetable. http://www.reuters.com/article/worldNews/idUSGEE5B023C20091202?pageNumber=1&virtualBrandChannel=0 TEHRAN (Reuters) - Irani
  2. I understand your point. I was just speculating it's easy for anyone to say "you're wrong" without finding the real answer. I'm still waiting for Twillight to come up with an original thought, then he's fair game. That's just not why he's here. I've done my research and read his posts. At least you have duality in your scepticism - there's dangers in some thoughts and I've learned from you in what you contribute. Contribute is a key word, even if it's just a thought :) It takes courage for some people to share their minds and hope to expand an idea, that's the least of
  3. Now I understand Twillight. This is from their first post (well technically second, but since it was in response to their first I'll call it first as well...) Once again, it doesn't work that way. Aha how foolish of us... 400 some odd posts and the newest is no different than the first...let's talk simple psychology analytics? Not challenging RMT anymore though huh? I've been kicking around this site since what year? 'Betcha get it wrong ;)
  4. *sigh* ... That was very helpful. I wondered why less people post here now.
  5. I think you're being too hardline on the concept, but that's just my POV. Do a google search about a man raised as a chicken. ;) Quote; When he was found in a chicken coop in 1979, 'Sujit would mostly hop around like a chicken, peck at his food, on the ground, perch and make a noise like the calling of a chicken. He would prefer to roost on the floor to go to sleep rather than sleep in a bed.' So again, what constitutes intelligence without input ? ... it appears our memory banks do require some instruction...
  6. I used to think that perhaps we were being a bit harsh with Iran, and their nuclear intentions. Their intentions are quite clear to me now. They are a paranoid country bent on a military agenda. Enough is enough, I do think they want weapons now. There is no need for these actions that they are learning from the North Koreans. I hope we are monitoring these two countries possible dialogues. If they are trying to intimidate with their military now without Nukes agaisnt civilians, does anyone have a doubt if they will ramp up their actions agaisnt militaries with Nukes? I
  7. Re: Pacific Northwest Earthquakes Next thing you know we'll have someone predict that there will be earthquakes around the ring of fire, with the most substantial located in or around Polynesia. lol. When isn't there ? ;) I've looked at the seismic graphs for over a couple years now, and it's always that same horse shoe lit up like a christmas tree. What gives?
  8. Without thinking too hard about it, my reaction would be to say; Potential factoring, logical deduction, communication, unassisted speculation which stores information in a memory bank and utilizes it in a loop starting over - which over time grows, evolves and uses the same basis to become more complex. Although if comparing human qualities to a machine most would probably say something about emotion which to logical people in terms of efficiency would probably be undesirable in the larger scheme of things to get things done. Some would say to sort through "garbage" is a comple
  9. Very nice visual. Mine would be a fall day when I was in kindergarten going to school out in the country. With no knowledge of fact, science or what's what... The breeze was picking up after a heavy rain on the play ground under an overcast sky - a very large puddle was being rippled like series of waves - constant patterned movement over and over. I remember focusing on the breeze and the water's play together so vividly that it felt like the breeze was moving right through me, and after a movement - I was moved like the water so much that I feel over right into the mi
  10. Re: Not a Stupid Question Welcome to Neverland... well kinda ;) http://www.eurekalert.org/pub_releases/2000-03/NS-Cwcb-1403100.php That is a really good way of looking at utilizing vortices...that was back in 2000, since light has been slowed - so did any experiment continue with this? As well if this is taking light and using black hole theory, if the light were a medium of moving information, then if you could utilize the same fashion with the vortex to model white hole theory would that try and send information back/forward, or is it lost no matter what in that sens
  11. I read that when Newton lectured at Uni that no one would show up because they all thought he was nuts. Sometimes he'd be basically talking to a wall.
  12. Some people are more left brain oriented and some more right brain oriented. No one mentioned the hemispheres or how they work together, interesting. Creativity vs. logic = potential vs. known variable calculation? Would anyone buy a painting created and thought of 100% by a machine? 'just curious. (yes I realize just posting "thought of" above will open up critcisms huge, this is in off topic now after all, indulge me - though if a person never thought of the end result...who would we say did?).
  13. Hello. I'm posting here to hopefully gained some expedited insight into what may be construed as belonging in the Science, or New Science forums - however the revelance of my speculation will be apparent shortly I'm sure. "If" anyone here were to fantasically believe it to be possible to derive a pattern of our thought processes, and personality from DNA, where would this most likely reside? (Potentials) I understand that it's potential much like an undeveloped egg laying dormant - and this challenges nature vs. nuture... However, there's two lines of thought with th
  14. Kerr, I apologize if it seemed like I was judging or saying something negative in regards to your experiences, not the case at all. The reason for my statement is that after re-reading what I had wrote, I saw the two-fold reprecussion of what I had wrote and was trying to back peddle. As much as I did not want someone as mentioned alienated, I realized that some of our youth may visit this board, and my statements were not an endorsement whatsoever or advice to go forward and wander into such a dangerous realm. I hope you understand.
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