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  1. You said respect has to be earned. It will be a long time before the USA earns the respect of other countries because of its shameful behavior.
  2. Calling names now. This is why Islam must have the same weapons as everyone else. With out them Islam is disrespected even in its own house and on its own land. If a armed man broke into your house and disrespected you then you would want to be armed to fight the man and his disrespect. Why would any other weapon be different or any other person even of a different culture not be entitled to the same rights as you and your country? If one country has nuclear weapons then all countries should have nuclear weapons. It can not be any other way.
  3. It is my belief that anything is possible. The people of Islam have the wise to lead them and they would not be "stupider". The would use it wisely for self defense and to strike down their enemies.
  4. Maybe there is hope for the The Sword of Allah to find its way to the people of Islam.
  5. reactor1967


    Actually there is no proof he is the antichrist. He has destroyed no worlds as of yet. What ever he has ruined is just a matter of opinion depending on what side of the train tracks you live on. And a vote for him does not make us any closer to world war 3. In fact he is a great deal more passive than Bush. If there are any wars he would not be the one to start them. History is filled with leaders way more terrible than Obama. Hitler, a host of communist and Asia leaders. A quick google search would show you them. Bush could be up there in the Arab world in the future. It is widley believed
  6. reactor1967


    Well it does seem like it is a trend for the ones that claim they left their timeline and came to our own. But for the ones just looking at how time travel would be possible or trying to build a time machine you don,t usually hear any gloom and doom.
  7. The distance between two beams of light does not by itself move mass. Both beams are still traveling at the speed of light. Currently the scientific thinking for moving mass pass the speed of light is to move space-time around the mass thus not breaking the laws of physics for the speed of light as a constant. The next time you take a bath put one of your very small toys in the water that floats and drop a little bit of soap behind it. Now watch the toy move. The toy would be mass, the water would be space-time, the soap would be some kind of energy causing space-time to move the toy. Th
  8. This process is called the 400 billion dollar secret is one of the few options facing America for energy indedpendence. But there again the energy interest fight against these things. This process has been tested and as far as I know is still being tested but it is proving to be a valuable source of energy. This is a youtube video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CWf9nYbm3ac&feature=related
  9. Re: The Time Traveler's wife. Well there is always that 1 or 2 people that want to ruin it for everyone else. I want to say for the record that this thread was thoughtfully created has tast and was very well done. I enjoyed the subject matter and the brain exercise. I can,t wait to see the movie. I did not even know about the movie until this thread came along. We would not have the science and understanding of our universe today had it not being for brain exercises. There is just so much a super computer and advance math can do. The magic of being human is that the human mind can gra
  10. I don,t know that is the kids speciality. But my advice is to build it on top of the ground out of concrete and water proof if and install a steal door then then cover it over with earth and make it at least a foot deep. You can run a tunnel from the shelter to the end of the mound if you really want to bury it deep. The reason it is on top of the ground is because you need to keep the water off the walls of the shelter. Some french drains would help with that. Also, you can take dirt and ram it into tires and use old tires just as well as you could concrete and it would work just as good. The
  11. Re: The Time Traveler's wife. Well now if you can,t tell the difference then you make a decision and hope that you made the right one. Truthfully if he can,t tell he is home and she can,t tell if that is him or not then it may not matter what they do. The old saying ignoriance is bliss might have something to do with that. If there is no differece then now the other question. What would it matter? He can,t tell, she can,t tell. They won,t leave each other because they love each other. Oh well. If they find out later then I guess it is oppps. I did not know.
  12. Re: The Time Traveler's wife. It is going to have a lot to do with his morality and ethics and the morality and ethics of the other Clairs in the other timelines. If he has morality and ethics and really cares about his wife he will leave the other timeline wifes along. If the Clairs in the other timelines really care about their husband they will leave the other timeline husbands along. But, when a womens husband has been gone for so long and she has had no one to hold and love her and the other timeline husbands comes along not seeing their real wifes in months all of them needing some
  13. Your screwed either way. You do know that your screwed either way you go don,t you. If you go to the future and make a prediction Darby and Rainman will tear you apart and if you go to the past and learn something new and unknown still Darby and Rainman will tear you apart. Your just plained screwed either way you go I am telling you. The best of luck to you. Nice try but your doing it in the wrong place at the wrong time.
  14. Well that would help explain why a couple of guys with scientific backgrounds and goverment connections have taken over a time travel forum as their own little playground and have run it like Stalingrad. Two little dictators in their own little world.
  15. I see a lot that is incorrect with your post. For one you assume that information from the past can,t be known somehow. That is a fallacy. Like the websight thing. There are sights on the internet that archive old sites. At one of those sites you could visit a websight as it looked in the past. It is a fallacy to assume old or lost information can not be recovered there for if someone can find it they must be a time traveler. Creating a 100% infallable test that can not be hoaxed for time travelers. That is a fallacy there is no such thing and I don,t think you can prove that it exist. N
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