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  1. Almost 2017 now! I must say this is really not my favorite time period.
  2. Interesting... so the Motortrend vehicle of the year trophy represents a time machine. Good work!
  3. I posted this as a reply on another thread but I think it warrants it's own, so here it is. A month later this happens: But instead of a "Hot Tub" on the back cover, we have this:. See it for yourself. It's a little strange this is the ad on the back of April 2001 Popular Mechanics isn't it? A month after he made the statement (which he only could have done if he were time traveling although to be fair, magazines often send out issues way in advance - sometimes months ahead of the date on the cover). It is also a little strange they would show a round air filter and c
  4. It looks like they must have gotten deleted years ago. It seems like only yesterday when I posted them. Maybe it was the government?
  5. Hi everybody, I just wanted you all to know I have made it safely to the year 2009. It was a bit of a bumpy ride, but here I am. It appears I have more questions to answer so here they are: "1. What does your time machine do how does it operate and how do you travel through a wormhole, portal, tunnel, etc.?" As I previously stated, I have several time machines. Some use batteries, some plug into wall outlets, and I have one you can power by turning a crank! "2. Do pets still exist in your timeline?" Yes many people in the year 2009 still have pets. I myself have 5 cats that time
  6. How long would it take an infinite amount of beings with infinite lifespans to ruin infinite parallel timelines?
  7. ""Time is a mathematical component of a 10 dimensional superuniverse, a variable used to define location and existence." Haven't you heard? There are 11 now :P
  8. My time travel claim is the only real one ever seen by these boards.
  9. EricCarr: I assure you, traveling through time at 60 seconds per minute is no hoax! I don't believe you. 1: Most dogs cannot read. 2: Most dogs cannot type (although you could always post for him, but he should probably have his own forum account or people will think you are trying to hoax us).
  10. Hi SkeptiSaurus, thanks for your comments: Good, it's not for sale! It is quite functional, as seen in the following photos: Well it folds up for easy storage, I can't think of anything more practical, except maybe shrinking to fit in your pocket or disappearing completely to be rezzed later.
  11. Hi Rainman, Sorry I haven't had time to reply in the last few days (hahaha, a little Time Travel humor there!). I don't know, I didn't make the thing, I bought it. I believe the manual covers several models of this device, and it claims that the actual product may vary. I don't know, you lost me. Are you some sort of engineer? One photo is from the manual, and the other is a photo I took myself, so I am guessing they were taken at different times. Yeah, I thought that was really cool, and it was something that affected my decision to purchase this particul
  12. Here is the seat that goes along with it: Any authentic time traveler will also include diagrams: Here is a diagram of how it works: Here is the cover of another users manual I found. Just thought I would throw it in for good measure, since you people are probably curious about our futuristic technology:
  13. Here is a pic of my time machine, just as I promised! I have several time machines, but this one is my favorite. And this is a page from the manual:
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