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  1. I never said John Titor was fake. I merely mentioned that a lawyer in Florida filed papers for the John Titor Foundation. This site, or Time Travel Institute, was created before John Titor showed up. This site was created to discuss time travel in general and science fiction related topics with other interested people. John just happened to show up here. And because of what happened, a separate section, was created to discuss John and what he posted.
  2. Just because a lawyer filed legal documents relative to the John Titor Foundation doesn't mean the lawyer IS John Titor or that the lawyer created John Titor as a fictitious person. A lot of people have made guesses as to who "may have" made up John, IF John Titor was indeed made up. And all of them may be completely wrong with their guesses, no matter how right they think they are with their guesses. Why would everything suck if John Titor was fake?
  3. Prove what? That Larry Haber filed the incorporation papers? It's on file in the State of Florida Fictitious Business records. Have you not researched much on John Titor? Mr. Haber's name is heavily entwined in the John Titor saga.
  4. Larry Haber , esq. , filed the incorporation papers for The John Titor Foundation.
  5. Hmm, where to begin? Ahhh...this seems like a good place to start ... YouTube video : A beginning... The video is entitled " What is Animism? " . Arith Härger presents appropriate points in his video that also provide an excellent foundation for this discussion. Keep in mind, I am not claiming that any belief system is IT, over any other belief system. As a matter of fact, at this point, we start with NO beliefs. This statement will be expanded upon later in this discussion, ( IF a discussion actually develops. ) Mr. Härger presents a basic
  6. The Golden Bough is a wide-ranging, comparative study of mythology and religion, written by the Scottish anthropologist Sir James George Frazer. The Golden Bough was first published in two volumes in 1890; in three volumes in 1900; and in twelve volumes in the third edition, published 1906–1915. It has also been published in several different one-volume abridgments. ( wikipedia ) Described by the author on the cover of the 3rd Edition, " The Golden Bough: A Study in Magic and Religion " , is a seeming simplistic description, however, I would say is also misleading as to the depth
  7. There are several sources to be able to read The Golden Bough written by Sir James Frazer, however, the linked PDF format here is the one I use since I can read the pages on my computer, ipad or phone. Helpful, since reading The Golden Bough can take a lot of time to read and a lot of time to ponder what is read.
  8. It does seem that the foundation of the Universe is based on fractals. Mentioned earlier, The Infinite within the Finite , provides a potential opportunity to further understandings about existence itself.
  9. Can you provide some sources to the 'fractionalization? Curious, looked it up myself and although it seems related, but not quite the same as Fractalization. To simplify, Fraction / Fractal. Related, but different dynamics. Fractals retain themselves as a whole, never diminished. Theoretically, it is possible to zoom into a Mandlebrot infinitely , the record so far has been 750 Million iterations. True though, we merely see a fraction of a fractal...BUT...not sure if I'm even describing it correctly. YouTube Video - ( The Hardest Mandelbrot Zoom in 2016 - New record, 750 000
  10. The Possiblities ... This video was created by Julius Horsthuis . Oooo, gives me goosebumps.
  11. ©️ArmandVanZandt2021 Another fractal I created using from Mandelbulb3D and a Photo editing program.
  12. Example of one of the Fractals created in Mandelbulb3D. I was able to use OpenShot video editor and YouTube video studio to post this on YouTube. Um...can like and subscribe if you want too. 🙂
  13. Downloaded Mandelbulb3D Fractal software for free. Am amazed at the artistic potential the software offers artists. You can animate your work, and in combination with other free software, such as the video editor OpenShot, WoW...there are no limits. A catch phrase that got to me was this, " The infinite in the finite." Through Mandelbulb3D, the infinite can truly be found. Mandelbulb3D Software It downloads as a zip file. So, you have to extract all. Within the un-zipped files you will see : Move that to your Desktop, and away you go. There are tuto
  14. KerrTexas


    To respond to your original post with a bit more depth ; If there is some truth to multiple layers of dimensions, parallel worlds, a multiverse, and possibly alternate timelines, our energetic state of being ( consciousness? ) may exist in all of those alternatives. When we dream, our subconscious has no idea about time or space. Therefore, when we dream, our dreams will contain images from multiple sources through-out time and space. ( maybe more accurate to to say times and spaces ? ) In this world, your current here and now, you may not have known about Campo Verde. How
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