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  1. RE: Active X : Sometimes when I read this board I get puzzled. It trails off to such topics that have nothing at all to do with time travel. I am not even sure how sex got involved with all of this. Now Crreedo, why do think you want to date CAT after all? And by the way, shouldn't you even know what you're saying without someone clarifing it to someone else that didn't understand you in the first place. I short terms, think about what you post and understand what you are saying. Maciek
  2. Heh.. Steve-O is a member of Tap-Ten (well obviously, what else can I say??) I know about him from the Tap-Ten mailing list. Maciek
  3. RE: Steven Gibb's message board, suggestion: Used to be his guest book.. hmm.. errr... i wonder why he closed it ;) . http://callisto.guestworld.tripod.lycos.com/wgb/wgbview.dbm?owner=Gibbs98
  4. RE: Personal Does anybody know where Ugly Bob went? I sent him e-mails a couple of days ago questioning his experiment. He mentioned to me that April 11, 2002 would be a vital day for his experiment: "We have an important day to keep this project on schedule April 11,2002. If everything goes well on that day we will be on schedule to launch as I have stated before." The thing is, I haven't heard from him since. Maybe something went wrong . Maciek
  5. LAST EDITED ON 16-Apr-02 AT 02:16PM (EDT) fluffyartbird, I think that you take things around here with too much seriousness, if you know what I mean ;) ... Maciek
  6. Aaargg... I think I might as well just ask the Admin. to lock this topic . Maciek
  7. RE: To Creedo Creedo, You are out of your mind!! Dracks and extraterrestrials who kill teenagers, store them in walk-in refrigerators, and then eat them like chicken? It sounds like you've been watching too many horror movies! :) Maciek
  8. Paul: You are correct... That person's website is: http://www.bobbysboxofpain.com/ - that is exactly what I trie to say. By the way - there's also tis legal document that invites time travelers to visit you, I can't remember that site . Pamela asked me not to post this on the TTI board, but I did anyway. Just forget about this post :) . Maciek
  9. TTA: I'd just like to point out that this is merely Pamela's experiment, as I am not involved with it in any way. I don't think that it's such a bright or meaningful idea anyway... Maciek
  10. Pamela posted this to me on another board... -- BEGIN QUOTE -- THE SUNDAY EXPERIMENT Maciek has inspired me with his thread called"It might happen on Aug. 3rd 2002" I decided to do a little experimenting of my own. I will call it "the sunday experiment" His sounded like a fun idea ........... Since "tis the season for time travel" spring and fall. Keep in mind day light savings time begins on Sunday. I invite any "time traveler" (John or any of Johns group included also of course ) to meet me on Sunday April 7, 2002 at 12:00 (NOON) at a place I will disclose on t
  11. TheHedz and I have created an IRC chat room for anyone on this board (anyone in general) to chat real-time about time travel. The server name is us.undernet.org and the channel name is #time_travel ... Anyone not familiar with IRC contact me and I'll give you instructions. You are free to visit and there is of no cost to you... Maciek
  12. RE: Personal Yeah, I fugured this would be very useful. BTW, I gave you ops ... after all it was your idea :) ... Maciek
  13. RE: Personal Please join... Maciek
  14. RE: Personal Thanks for your attention Adam... To view the IRC chat: 1) Go to and download client... 2) Run client... 3) Press LOGIN on toolbar... 4) Select IRC network "UNDERNET"... 5) Select on of the servers (not networks)... 6) In your case Adam just use --- not a typo... 7) Press Connect... 8) In the prompt write "/join time_travel" and press ENTER... 9) You should be in the chat room... And no I haven't recieved that video yet. The e-mail is still probably delivering... Maciek
  15. Noone wants to visit the room? :( Maciek
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