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  1. after reading this post i lost it too! the will to live, hopefully i will read more posts and regain it.
  2. i was hoping you were going to say that ruthless. If you email me at [email protected] we can discuss payment (dry roasted or salted!)
  3. Not wishing to poach on anybodys territory but would anybody like to be a moderator. Pay is negotiable. site is www.time-travel-inc.co.uk. :D
  4. NEW TIME TRAVEL FORUM NEW TIME TRAVEL FORUM! As you guys know more than me. I dont suppose you could take a look at the updated version of my website, www.time-travel-inc.co.uk Any comments would be appreciated about any legalities etc.
  5. i think if it was done properly you would receive funding globally. With my site (not done properly!) i get a web statistics programme where i get to see all kind of things about the ones clicking on my site (what country people are from, operating system etc). My site was online for nearly 4 weeks and there were people from china (no really), denmark, finland, uk, mexico, all over america, canada, guatemarla, clicking on the site. Somebody here stated i was only trying to get my money back. But the truth was the pay per click ads more than paid for it. The ads were and are still br
  6. Understood, if nothing more this would be a good exercise of how easy things were to setup. Even in its crude state there was people donating and payapl were only to keen taking their cut. It does prove to me that when you have an idea its best A) to be honest and B) to start it off in the right channels. Ok back to the drawing board. See you in the future!....well maybe. time travel inc
  7. Rest easy gentlemen, monies have been returned (can be confirmed, in writing with addresses of individuals who obtained a refund....phew!). The press release was done by me. In the style of a prospective investor. Not my idea i hasten to add just the press company who stated that indivdual news papers here would not look at it unless i changed it. They gave me a few pointers, i changed it. I actively started to get my site publicised in other ways (here!), wrong i now know but hind sight would of been a good thing (or a time machine) and i would of done things differently if i could cha
  8. another note, and its a funny old thing! on searching online i came across the american site time travel fund. This site is similar to the one i was setting up. However charging 10 dollars for a certificate and only 1 dollar going into the fund. No donations....correct, something given in return....correct. Fund all set up ...err no: quote Semi-established. By that we mean all moneys collected are going into an escrow account until the fund builds enough to open a conventional open-ended trust type fund. The minimum amount to open a fund of the type we are planning is $10,000. A bet
  9. Hello again, i have been getting legal advise on this matter. Anyway, I can accept donations on time travel incs site if i say in the disclaimer that these donations doesnt mean that the donors own anything and it is at their discretion only. If i decide that in the future i wish to donate monies to scientists, charitable orgs at my discretion i can then do so at my expense. I can pay any donations received into my paypal account and call this account whatever i like...i.e time travel inc. On my site i can give regular updates on time travel research and state where my personal monie
  10. the offending article is now offline never to return. All monies donated have been returned. Thanks for the input. regards time travel inc
  11. Gentlemen, thankyou for the feedback, thanks for the info. regards time travel inc
  12. am i missing something? doing it whichever way i is see fit? all suggestions have been noted and as previosly stated will be implemented. Pledges is the way to go i think.
  13. yes, bogz i know you said pay the researcher directly but to do so you will need his account to pay the monies into it. Otherwise you will have 50,000 people trying to contact one poor researcher!
  14. Darby, you not really reading the posts are you? Your only seeing what you want to see. There is now no investors! An attorney is not required because there is no business. You said To build a house some may just hire a carpenter, howver some will just go ahead and do it themselves. Make a mess of it change it accordingly! Its called adapting, evolving, like time travel incs site (you may have noticed). You also stated: that alone is sufficient information for me to assume that you have no idea what you're doing relative to attracting investors. You started this scheme before you had a
  15. one other point i never said it was a business opportunity. As i never intended for myself or other committee members to benefit from any donations. Well unless own your own time machine counts!
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