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  1. For a source here, I suggest the following book. Amazon.com: Conversations with Nostradamus: His Prophecies Explained, Vol. 1 (9780922356010): Dolores Cannon, Nostradamus: Books And what's going on here, is that Dolores had intimate through time link-ups with past physician / seer Nostradamus. What this area of contact had been, was a series of unit wide secular to a time contacts. Cannon had gotten to know this past seer quite well. I at that time, had been at a differing location, but was apprised of her contacts. He must have been conscious of me, through me simply reading her book a
  2. The prediction for these beings, may have come out of the 1990s
  3. Second set of media, kept separate for a reason. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TPquewvNAE4
  4. Had felt that they would do this, will add more detail later 'I spoke to aliens' Woman tells of bizarre encounter after UFO 'tailed her car'
  5. Not if you have to live it. A couple of times. I thought that I was loosing myself.
  6. If you track back in time, you will observe that there is a window of opportunity for the Egyptian and Star Wars curses to merge. How the Egyptian King Tut complaint occurred, is that King Tut's spirt, did not want to be put on tour. As his spirt along with his matrons sent to the afterlife with him were concerned, his place of rest and destiny should have been in remaining within his tomb complex. Tutankhamun - Wikipedia Instead both his mummified body along with his riches meant for the afterworld, were disturbed and removed.This condition at the time, had made King Tuts spirt extremel
  7. The is still a very accurate guess here. It does check out, with a hunter being treed by past e.t. controlled robots, that there may be, in this day and age, something like the Borg. So the guess put forward, may not be that far off.
  8. Tying up loose ends. The cosmonut Semjase, had passed on. This was estimated to be in the early 2000nds.There is some controversy as to the cause of her eventual death and weather she was being used by the Pleiadean constabulary, all of the time. It is not well know to this Earth society, but many aliens because they have it seems an acclimation to want genetic perfection all of the time, are in a way addicted to genetic engineering. These two notes are for the time travel vault which will come out after this posting. Thank you
  9. It was not just my consciousness, it was half of me. I had bio located. This differs than just the consciousness. This is like taking a paper with three folds in it. One fold in this reality, the other in an interspace margin or transit reality and the other in prehistoric times. This is what I was like for about two minutes. There had to be a biological host for that other third fold of my being and the prehistoric times were that. The thing that I don't know today, is if Semjase and the Pleiadeans planned it this way, or it was only an accident. This happenstance left a gene affected arch
  10. I don't know if what happened to me should be corrected. When Semjase went back to the time of the dinosaur, her DNA pulled me along as I was going through the fraternal twin's para-lining process. I remember getting some aspirin from the kitchen over sink cabinet, standing there in my underwear and then trying to get back into bed after gulping those aspirin, with water and a hunk of bread. I made it half way back, then the para-location hit me brining me all the way down on my knees. This was odd, as I had to close my eyes. They kind of shit down and would not work. But would I could see t
  11. On para-history, this would be a starter, a tippler generating device of any manufacture and stability feedback through circuitry. So to manufacture the double kerr, this would have to be a suspended double black hole, maybe magnetically or as again, by an ignition-like system, which locates the kerrs, per-station at a one one thousandths of a second per-as-desired locality. *Said one one thosanth, due to the need of time for circuitry feedback interplay.This is all boards, computer operated or not. So this might be expressed as a non-high gravity contrivance, anywhere from five, to t
  12. Thank you, well spoken and clear. So would something like this be in use and if so, then what are the advantages?
  13. You get a ((hug)) today, stinky. Thanks so much. Back atacha.
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