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  1. GPA has good suggestions too! Also , Take some time, download and play chrono trigger. If you're any good at all it should take you just a few days to beat the first time. The joy of the game was it's multiple outcomes. Multiple story arcs, Heck the main charicter dies and you have the choice to revive him or contnue with out him. One of the main villains can be killed or turned to good. One of the cursed chariters can be freed of his curse but at the expense of another charicter. When dealing with time travel Chrono Trigger beats Dreamfall every day of the weak. Prince of persia? It'
  2. OK are you basing this game off the legendary Chrono Trigger or what? You want to make a time travel based story line. Awesome. MAKE MULTIPLE ENDINGS! If you're gonna go there go ahead with the full monty and give the players what they love when it comes to single player play, Multiple endings, story arcs that can only be achieved by doing this or that with each choice being a one way thing, REPLAY VALUE!!!! And if you are that concerned about plot and paradox then yeah, go with the divergence theory. That infinite time lines exists and once you begin time traveling you can never go
  3. Another way to look at it, (God I hope this is not misinterpreted) If a down syndrom kid spit on you while he spoke, you wouldn't hurt him back right? You'd treat him with kid gloves I hope. Ren ain't mentally challenged but their is a clear personality disorder there and so ..... I personally take that into account. I don't hate him, I don't overlook the attitude , I sit on my side of the screen encouraging the man to live a stable and honest life content in that and discouraging those that would mess him up ever worse by playing into his delusions of grandure.
  4. I think our man cosmo was hoping for a bit more... Tact. Personal insults of an acute nature being inflamatory and all that... While I agree that Ren was/is being rude. But maybe that can be pointed out with out pulling off the kid gloves. Gentle movements so to speak.
  5. Well if you thought the OP was worth paying enough attention to be little and make fun of , I have no idea how you could of failed to notice that the OP was about John Titor and not John Thomas. Moving forward with that understanding I ask again, Why are you attempting to make this thread about Ren? Why are you goading him and egging him on? It's sick. Mind games of the worst caliber.
  6. hy are you being so eager for attention Paula? Why are YOU making this an issue about hatered? Why are you making it about Ren? Where did this middle school mentality of US vrs Them come from? I threw this thread out as kind of a half serious joke. Unfortunitaly this thread has attracted alot of detractors. The original post has been demeaned over typographical errors. Ren has gone from passive aggresive to down right onrey and here you are egging him on for whatever reason.... No I don't approve. And if all I can do is express my disapproval then so be it. You are not affecte
  7. I don't hate, I just have a problem with encouraging mental delusions. I do not find it acceptable. Some of these folks claiming to be john titor for the attention... AND the people that encourage them in their delusions .... they have mental issues. And thats not an insult but rather a concern.
  8. How very passive aggressive but you're not John Titor and you should not feel the need to pretend to be. As for this thread? Well, some folks said Titor might be returning so I have provided so key words and google tags to be he may be able to find if he does indeed return. Also instructions to avoid getting caught if he so felt like making contact. I am not optimistic because according to the story he has no reason to return but if it happens perhaps he will stumble on this thread and make a reply in Pulas thread in regards to all our questions.
  9. OK I thought I would throw this into here for easy reference. Further if you are John then I'd recomend writing out everything you have to say (On a linux system) , copying it to notebook or some equalivanllt , Copying the cocument onto a thumb drive (Newer the better). Running to your nearest liberary and hitting cntr V (Paste) and enter, then running the fuck away as fast as you can keeping the evidence for disposal. If what folks say are true than prove it or not. YOur choice. BUt their is no anonimity anymore.... You have to run and gun. You wont be caught but it is the kind of t
  10. I'd have to ask him if he knew about rife machines yet.
  11. I declare that the New World Order should be one of peace, prosperity, self determination, and tolerance for the weak the sick and the troubled. Now as soon as the bilderdurgers and bushs and rothschilds, and rockafellas get on board with that , we'll then be in agreement.
  12. Helocentric,? Pulled in a gravity vortex. Not orbit but vortex
  13. NO it would be gross. I also oppose technology that reads our minds or does brain scans to make CPU copies of us.
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