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  1. This will be my last post, but I must let you all know that you have 2 paths before you. 1 you can continue down the path of ignorance and blindness. Or you can awaken and stand up for what is yours. Which path will you take? Some things that I have written can be changed. You can stop the American Union. The United States does not have to be a part of the World Government. To do that you must stand against the element of government that is in control of all the things going on now in this country. The same element that will bring the wrath of GOD against this nation. Earthquakes, Volcanos
  2. Now that's funny!!! Who said the movie was real? I said that the movie had a message the brothers were trying to get you all to understand. Only in the first movie.
  3. Declan, Here is another example of how people here in this time think they know all their is to know about a Time Traveler. How do you know what the rules are? Did you see the rules in a movie? I have not even spoke of the technical aspects of time travel and even if I wanted to do so I could not. Again another comparison to John T. Let me let you in on a little secret about John T that I was not going to say before. He's not what you think he is. That's all I will say about that. I'm sure you all are aware of the matrix movies. Which by the way are very popular in 2065. The first movie
  4. Hello Qronos 16' Thank you! I was unaware that you had gone ahead and posted for me. I haven't finished reading all of the posts yet, but felt compelled to write to you first I really do appreciate your kindness and I will have to say that I will miss it once you have left. If you would like, here is a copy of my post describing what I had witnessed last July 26, 2005. In addition I been honored to had been an acquaintance to a very and polite time traveler and had seen their vehicles. That's all I dare to say about the additional experiences, except to ask about a movable red lit disk.
  5. You can think that all you want. The crash will be total as I stated before. The market now is being inflated with all the money being printed. They are printing more money then they have ever done before. The true Stock Market is only around 6500 or so.
  6. RainmanTime, Uhhhh, why? And just exactly how far from LA do I need to be? And WHEN? Answer: Get out of California completly. Within a year. Why? If I have done all you say above (which I already know how to do) why do I need other people? Answer: If something happen to you and you could not move or get around who would help you? Find out how to get Oregano with P73 in it this is the hyssop the bible talks about. Why? Answer: Oregano with P73 in it will cure many things. Why? All mine (only have 2) have ZERO balances! Answer: Credit Cards will be a control and tracki
  7. All the things I have posted here will happen within the next 10 years. As I have stated most of you can survive this. The death toll will not be as high as before. 3 of the 10 years will be a phoney peace treaty that will not last. The key is to know what is going on around you. Again knowledge is power.
  8. I just do not understand you people at all. Scott came here last year on a mission and then he felt so sorry for you people he thought he would try to help you by giving you some information to help you out. What is wrong with all of you? Why do you all act like everything in this nation is going fine? Why do you all care about nothing? All any of you do is try to prove you are smarter then the next person. As I have stated on another board, Scott fought for 2 years to get another mission to this time so we could get some information to a person in Texas that should help out with the fight. Yo
  9. Ren, Many people have private messaged me as well and has said the same thing do not pay attention to certain people in this forum. All of you need to take heed to what I have tried to tell you. You had better pay attention to what is going on right now in the world news. Also you had better pay attention to what is going on in the ring of fire. We have a couple more minor things to do here before we leave. I will let you know something real important before we go. Some things are meant to happen, but the outcome does not have to be the same
  10. OvLrdLegion, You have figured it out. We like you. You are the only one besides the people here that help us to figure it out. I can say this, something's are meant to happen. And yes the death toll can be reduced. And it will be. You are wise may friend.
  11. Edited Version, Hello Qronos 16, I did what you had suggested but unfortunately it seems that I can't post--something about an invalid host. I afraid I don't know what that means. Anyway, I'm glad you did not post for me, because took the opportunity to edit it. You don't need to post it for me but is the edited copy for you to read: Hello everyone; This is my first time posting here on this forum, although, I have been registered for almost two years. And, what I would like to say is that in spite of what you may or may not believe about the feasibility of future travelers travers
  12. This person asked me to post this for him. Hi Oronso 16, I sent you a 'TT is real' message the other day and I want to thank you for your reply. I also wanted to make a post on your thread but, for some reason I was unable to. I was wondering if I gave you my reply would or could you post it for me? If you can't that's OK I still would like you to read it. Here it is: Hello everyone; This is my first time posting here on this forum, although, I have been registered for almost two years. And, what I would like to say is that in spite of what you may or may not believe about the feas
  13. The NWO is that which is trying to kill the United States Of America and turn it into The American Union, and kill the US Dollar and turn it into the Amero. In my past this is how it went down. It happened with another phoney terror attack, it was a suitcase nuke in Los Vegas. But in my timeline no troops where on the boarders. So that is one thing that changed. So since that has changed this is what I would look for. The globalist need something to happen before they can push the American Union into action. They need ether a terror attack or a civil uprising which also took place in my past.
  14. What I am saying is I read the book. You will also be able to read the book within a couple years. Art is not what he seems to be to you all. Also I should tell you that if any of you have kids and you think you should give them flu shots, don't!! As for this bird flu that you have heard about, don't worry about it. Don't buy the so call pills they have made for it. They do not work. Eat fruits and vegetables and try to stay away from meats. Drink filtered water. And if you can find filters for your shower get one. Invest your money in gold. Again learn how to live off of the land if at all po
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