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  1. I do believe (very often) that there is millions of parallel "lifes" (our lifes and everything). OR The whole universe (or my brain) is redoing the same thing over and over. SO... On what would you bet? :yum:
  2. I agree with Swiftinfo. ? It is good tough to be aware, or have an idea, of what could be going'on "up there". The thing is that we're affraid, feeling that we don't have the control over events. Everything organizations that try to controlate the "world" crash at some point. The church, some gouvernments, some twisted leaders. We wants a perfect world, which smell like: Having one language, one big country, the same leaders, equal rights and equal ressources... This is what we tend to do naturally and we might fight for it, but it's so far away the real perfect world, which is not bas
  3. 2003's tour :) Almost one year and an half has passed since my last visit, it is great to see that there is still activities in here. ;) I found that is good to take a step back sometimes, it help to see the global aspect of the picture. I've started to read the posts that I missed, good ones, some better, some are still repetitions, what can we do about that? I'm just a visitor. :D I'm still concern to make the research and experiments further. I guess everybody serious in here, take it seriously, it's a life time research. :) For that period of meditation, I got deeper in the
  4. TIME OUT::::: I want to know who is using my name ( dob ) as a guess when I'm out????? This is just so wrong! :mad: The invitation is launched!!! :)
  5. I'm laughing so loud!!! that was 35 emails that I didn't replyed "in between", can you believe it?<hr size="1" width="80%" color="#000099" align="left"> <IMG>http://www.dobdesign.com/dominic/images/menu-symboles_Over_04.gif</IMG> < dob > What's important it's what's valuable.
  6. <font size="1" color="#FF0000">LAST EDITED ON 17-Dec-01 AT 01:49AM (EDT)</font> Just wanted to see how things were going inside here. For those who remember Celebi, this is the latest news I got from him; for a month I wasn't able to take my emails, something was "jamed", but one day, I received a bunch of emails from Celebi, almost 75, incredible. I copied them somewhere because I knew people would'nt believe me about this case, so I pasted it here. What else, about the "apparition" of a fantomatik-ghost, that was month's ago, and it seems like already like an old time for m
  7. dob

    Creepy shot!!!

    Pamela: You know, I'm going to SHOW you something even more special. Since the event, I did passed less time in this forum and more in a spirit forum. For those who wants to see it, it's a video of "something" like a white ball flashing over my little 2 months kid. My wife saw it too, so we're 2 witnesses and an half... Email me, and I personnally send you the adress of the movie. But I won't put any promotion of it on this forum. (why should be the purpose anyway?, this is more a time travel forum) See-U!
  8. RE: I've discover the little game! interesting!
  9. RE: I've discover the little game! Hi! I'm back, and I'm laughting a lot! I taught that it would be a good thing to let a little space to give a break, but I realize that between that time you got confuse, from the 4 pages of posts I've read that you taught that I'm jalous?! Jalous of what? Sincerly this is funny, I'm not mad at you, where did you got that? Sorry to desapoint you - I'm not. Yes, I've been busy the last days, studying new forms of life. I'm gonna post many post with Interest, just to help your thread growing... See-you later! TimeTravel Activist: Keep going on, ther
  10. Since I'm infested of virus very deeply, I won't send U any emails until I'm free. I pull out hundreds of files that was contaminated, but there's still few that I can take out (@%?$!%[email protected]!!!). So the party will be going online instead that by mails... About the crucified from... I think I just have too much imagination an openness over cruality. And I can't tell everythings, many of you would react badly. BUT! Maybe this ghost came for my punishment... oops! dddooooooooohhh! :)
  11. dob

    Creepy shot!!!

    You can't send the picture in the forum, you have to send it anywhere else than copy the path INTO your post. By exemple you got an account at geocities and the image is at: geocities.com/sidewalk/4213/creepy001.jpg To SHOW the image put a "<img>" on the left side and a "</img>" on the right side of it (sticked to it). If you can't do it, just put the URL adresse to reach it. Thanks!
  12. "GOSTBUSTER!!!" "I hate the ghosts, I like the girls!"
  13. I should go to the city's hall and get old plans of the city, to get an idea of what could have been there before my appartment got built, the guys is going to ask me why I'm looking for those information, <[euh, I'm a ghostbuster, you know...>] Do you know if they sell electric ghost trap (like in the movie) at the HomeDepot or PriceCosco? TTA: I didn't notice to have more headache that the normal, but since this appened I feel a bit weird an makes weird dreams the last days, I didn't felt that this priest or church boy was attempting to communicate in any way (by showing me his back
  14. dob

    Creepy shot!!!

    djayr42: Men you effraid me with this face thing, post whaterver interesting you find I beg you! Oh! I just look back at the picture an other time, maybe your mentionning the flag of the earth on the wall; it's a blue planet on a back tissus. Now that you mentionned it I see a headbone...
  15. It's always easier to believe that this kinda thing are "false", even more in my case, because I'm a 3D artist. I'm not mad a you when you suspice me of having did it in 3D, almost, I take it as a compliment. But I do 3D since only 1 and a half year, I'm already a trainer and proclame myself as an artist, but this doesn't have anything to do with this picture. You should have a look at my stuff later (I'm building up my portfolio at this time). To achieve something realistic like this I would have pass a lot more time then just click the "photo" button of the camera. I can't prove you that
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