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  1. My Dear Brothers and Sisters in Jesus Christ, When I first entered the military I was right out of high school and I didn't know anything at all so when I signed that contract I did so without knowledge and understanding of what it exactly it was I was doing, When the recruiter first signs you up you don't get told that you are signing away you rights. Our Founding Father's believed that our rights come from God himself that only he could give or take away these rights, so how then could the government require me to give up what God has ordained for me to have? And again how can I sign awa
  2. To The Forumn, If any of you have actually time traveled then please contact me, because if you have then maybe there is hope to change some things in my life and to put right what once went wrong. I am serious about what I am saying. If someone here could help me then please do. Dr. Sam Beckett
  3. To the forumn, Is this John Titor for real? and if so what is known about him, if this guy is for real then wow, but if he is a fake he is a pretty goodo ne I'll give him that. Dr. Sam Beckett
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