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  1. Good Days to you all, The good days won't last Before you know what happened Well, let us just say it is not pleasant. I have left you, my friends, with the key Because you have been so very kind to me. If there is one who can deliver this message, then they may come to know the truth. If there is one who can, they should not let on. One to Forty sraiqonirabypegstm9411bsiltneepactahedgf orileaswsentprideisicwannersosacrfetadah alesylvuezgaajhtepynemekwendnoettledcecs ibgbxqecfsnarna28ystolxvnmiccoeoigbelpso caelagthdseaumecolonnndsclegratbpeporndt c
  2. You won't believe what is going to happen to you next. ashornsqueakadistresshegohitnewsevereonlineastainassinsosfuninzealiconicsavantfamestompsmyclonetie [/color]
  3. Cindy, Might I take a moment and request that you expand upon your personal experience with the recent change to the timeline. As I've spoken to Jim about his personal experience, I would appreciate if you could also elaborate on yours. Most helpful would be the dates and times of the alteration. I am currently tracking a Time Quake who's origins are as of yet unknown. It is entirely possible another individual is making the alterations to your time, however minute they might be. If you are wondering what the data will be used for, New research techniques Ostensibly Taken to produce
  4. Re: Pictures There are a great many tests in ones life. Those that test strength of will, those that test strength of character, and those that test strength of trust. Among these virtues, there is solace in our accomplishments. Among these virtues there is pride. Beyond these virtues, at the heart and soul of the matter, we find truth. Amongst yourselves, you continue to search, but you have not found. That which you seek will be revealed to those who are accounted worthy. Let me say that again, only those worthy of the knowledge, responsible of their thoughts, regardless of thei
  5. Pamela, These are very justified questions. I will answer them, in the hopes that others will understand what I am about to explain. These are not predictions by any means. I cannot predict the future, my experiment deals primarily with the past. You may notice, the original date of my posting these quotes, 15/11/06. These were obtained from a news archive search during the time period of 2007-2009. They are meant as warnings, to those who will listen, of the times which are to come. In 2006 nobody would have considered a 3rd of the Palestinian Territory fractioned and taken over.
  6. Darby, I thought it clear my initial post answered these questions. "Below, A Brief Poem, Circa 2007-2009 Author and Title Anonymous" The poem, made up from headlines of news stories circulating between 2007-2009, of which no Author was given specific credit due to the fact that their names and titles of their stories were not included within the text archives I was able to obtain. So, for the record, these are not my words, more importantly than who's words they are, it is what the words indicate about your time. I hope that you can look beyond the authorship and find a deeper
  7. Darby, I do apologize for the misunderstanding we seem to be experiencing over the authorship of the articles and quotations in question. Please let me attempt to clear up any remaining doubt as to the authenticity of these statements. If you recall my initial post in this thread mentions the following as "Anonymous". This is indeed accurate. There is no archive or records in my time which were able to determine the initial authorship of said articles. These words were taken from titles and brief summaries of news events, circa 2007-2009. If anyone can validly confirm the authorship
  8. I do apologize, however I am currently in real-time with your timeline. These messages are being directly inserted into the forums and a continuous connection via my Quantum Tunnel is maintained. Due to the nature of this type of insertion, I must literally query the forum archives from your time, for which a continuous service upon the nets is actively searching and comparing archives against archives. This is the way it goes for these types of experiments. Due to time dilation effects, the closest response I've been able to compile has been in the neighborhood of 15 minutes. Please re
  9. Pamela, What you first must understand about this new form of communication, is that I do not ever "leave", as I was never here to begin with. My postings are inserted into your time, where before they did not exist. In some cases I have posted over a wide time frame, for example, Only a few months ago I posted at these forums in the 2005-2006 time span. In total, I have been posting to Internet forums for approximately 1 year, however my posts stretch through 2005-2009. I can guarantee you that this time has not been wasted, I have seen the influence of my changes, I've watched them
  10. Darby, My old friend, indeed you are correct, the quotation was from a newspaper article of your time. Consequently, as often as news articles are posted and reposted, picked up through your Associated Press, distributed, printed, and linked on the Internet, I do not always have access to the original sources of the documents, and in most cases someone living in your time can find that information much easier than I ever could. Not all sources are archived on the Internet, surprisingly there is a vast amount of information still missing about events occurring in your time. I hope thi
  11. Disasters Loom - "Gaza bore all the signs that warned of disaster and civil war was looming..." Sharia Law - "New Zawahri Video Urges Hamas to Implement Sharia Law" Massacre In Palestine - "The Palestinian Massacre" A 3rd has solidified. Middle East War - "The Middle East is a powder keg, ready to explode."
  12. http%3A// I would hope to impart wisdom to those seldom few who are wise enough, not to reject what I have to say, without careful consideration. What I have to share will be brief, and will only require a few moments of your time. You may choose to accept what I have to say, or you may reject it. Or you may choose, if it is your pleasure, the third option. The world as it is, in your current day as I post this on the 14th of June 2007, will no longer be sustain
  13. It is also much easier to Send bits of Data through a Quantum Tunnel than to expand a bridge less than a Nanometer in length to the size of a human being, or, to compress a human being into a fine piece of string and then re-arrange the person at the other end. Considering Quantum Tunneling techniques, of which the entanglement can be used to transfer digital information, it is much more likely that this will be the conduit for all future Time Travel. Why send a person back in time if you can send information? This question has always puzzled me. We do not believe Physical Time Travel
  14. As I had previously stated, and Recently Supplied, Each of These Events will Come to Pass. A Soldiers Most Hail War As A Renaissance Pi Melts A Sidearm Dwelt A Cosmic Clone Pole Jihad Had Mom Due A Man A Quarks Humble Tree Manilla Curse Foretells Kiwi Smirks Demons Former Jig Jug A Liberal Disses One Toss My Foes A Reference Heaters High Storm It is for You to Understand and Figure Out.
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