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    Aurora... my goodness... wow... we meet at last. Aurora. Thats what we call it. In a basic description, if i remember correctly it is much like the Black Manta. One big difference... Aurora has no verticle surfaces anywhere on the plane. Said to reach tremendous speeds and make 90 degree turns. Assumed to be radio controled since no human can survive the G-forces. Wow, thanks for showing me this... heres a link. www.aemann.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk/aircraft/black/aurora/aurora4.htm And its not a bomber, more like used for recon. missions. Sorry if the link doesn't work.
  2. Re: On wizard's realm reached: Hate to ask but were you on something. Actually i completly belive in magic, not tricks mind you. There are Three basic types of magic users, Wizards, classic wizards and witches. Each with their own little thing. Wizards are like Gandalf on lord of the rings, a staff with a crystal ball ontop the classic wizard is like Raistlin from "Dragonlance" a mage is how they refered to him, a staff/wand and items such as sand or special herbs, and finaly the witch basicly an alchemist, mixes herbs sand leaves etc. to create a potion. Both wizard types of course had spell words with the spells and witches had to recite a spell during the creation of the potion. Please don't correct me and say "well theres hundereds of different types" because these are merely the basics. That is all please continue mindless thinking Deany
  3. I hate it when people make false claims on these forums. It really annoys me, ya read for an hour gathering interesting information only to encouter "Just kidding" ****************************
  4. Ahem... that comic sure was... uh... interesting. Actually i kinda liked it. Well done.
  5. Well if i understand you properly, my opinion on trying to stop aging is... we should stop. Sure it'd be great to live for all eternity, the greatest minds could continue to live develope new theorys etc. However, death is natures way of feeding us. Plants "die" to feed us and say... "cows" die to feed us. Even if we could find a way not to age, first that would happen is the world would over populate followed very quickly by a massive starvation and drought, and finally the world would no longer support life because of a lack of natural resourses on the planet. Well re-reading it i got another iterpretation and it is very interesting. Stop time and aging but we continue, the same problems may occur. Time is a finicky thing, you can probably be able to go through it at rate we are currently, perhaps slower, faster or even reverse it, but... i personaly dont belive you can stop it. Deany
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    However, it is a scientific fact that living matter cannot come from non-living matter, that completly disproves the whole shibang of evolution. Science shot down by Science. This is a common arguement made and i would apperciate it if you... could, explain how this is overcome and not by faith as my own religion, christianity is. Thanks
  7. interesting. Well i suppose i am "new kid on the block" but what if we are not nearly as advanced as we think we are? What if to aliens (assuming they are out there) we are very primative. Maybe the most primative. On that note maybe we are hugely advanced and are in the last leg of contacting them. Maybe weve passed it and the government is covering we truely can never know where we are in comparison to them until we actualy find them. Not the government but the people.
  8. Re: I Need Some Proof... Time Travellers Post Here Well said Ablaze! Time travel does not work in theory or in mathematics which makes it even more difficult to comprehend. You need faith in this world! Faith that the computer will boot up! Faith the chair will still hold you as it did the last time you sat in it. Well great things are done by little people. Take for example the Bumble Bee, mathematicaly, it can't fly, yet it does, it manages. An interesting theory i read in an old issue of after dark magazine was that time travel could be acheived through lucid dreaming... the man who claimed that, has not been seen since. ID change? Perhaps. Facelife? maybe. Time travel??? the theory had never been proved, or maybe it has been, we will never know. Hopefully in our life we will discover the secrets of time travel.
  9. Deany


    Well, back on topic. If he (Titor) broke the laws of their time, then did not this Mano Detrium also? If the stories are true, then this is an awful two-faced govenmet which enforces rules and breaks them themselves! Also I agree with the Dr W on this one. Even IF the story of Titor is posibly true, there is not nearly as much evidence in this, in fact there is no evidence! I could build a story like this by simply reading the postings of JTT, i may even be able to do it now, and i have known of him for little more than a month! And only began to slightly research lately.
  10. Well, though Ren puts up a good point... there have been reports of "missing time" and "unusual scars". It is unlikely that you fell asleep at the wheel with a wicked song on and survived for three minutes. so either you had an out of world experience on tobbaco, or on something else.
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