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  1. There must be a way to lure actual time travelers to this forum :) I was thinking. The John Titor story is still all over the internet after all these years. Surely time travelers in the future will learn about this hoax as a way to cover up their time travel activities. I can imagine a lecture in a 2036 time travel class: "Y'all just mention an IBM 5100 and everybody will be convinced that you're not a time traveler." Anyway, belated happy 2012 to everyone! :)
  2. Hello fellow time travel enthusiasts... I hereby want to express my sincere apologies for leaving the forum so sudden and I hope you will all welcome me back. I see that quite a few people are still active on the forum and I hope I can engage in discussion again. Kind regards, Roel
  3. I think it's disturbing that the death of the pope is getting so much attention. While 400 to 500 people were dying in Indonesia as the result of an earthquake, people at pretty much every newsstation decided that the (upcoming) death of an 84 year old man was more significant. Sad! People need to get their priorities straight. I hope they find a more sensible successor. One that - for instance - promotes the use of condoms, instead of discouraging people to use them. Roel
  4. Shapes are a human concept. If we have to look at the universe as some kind of shape, I'd suggest we take simplest the shape we can imagine. The more complex you make it, the more human it becomes...
  5. Mmmh, funny, a friend of my mother mentioned this particular year. She said this year will be a year where we will transcend to a higher level. She practices Reikki. Roel
  6. judgmential :) Lets talk English here guys! Much easier for everyone to understand.
  7. Still, if you would be so kind to use one thread instead of 10, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Roel
  8. Wow... I wonder what's keeping me from moving this thread to the Time Travel Claims forum. Probably just laziness. Nothing to worry about folks ;)
  9. Re: Fallacies About God & Life Once you die, there's nothing left to process the information with. Think about the oil example I gave earlier in this thread. Once the oil flows from the pipe into the sea, the oil looses its original function. Information flows into the sea of energy and loses its coherence and significance along the way. So yes, I do believe that in some way our physical form is an essential part of our selfawareness. No, not at all. The reason why I do not wish to read "Conversations with God" is because of the apalling self-righteous tone that was very present i
  10. Re: Fallacies About God & Life Uhm, that's hardly torture, is it? I don't think you and Ray are being ridiculed any more than I am. :) Soon, soon :)
  11. Re: Fallacies About God & Life True. And I don't think that will ever happen. I'm simply not capable enough to debunk any of your scientific or mathematic descriptions. BUT, you haven't been able to demonstrate that your science is inextricably linked to the existence of a self-aware creator. That's what I mean when I'm talking about "the thin thread between science and spirituality". You will find an answer for anything in the Quabalah, but that's only because you are so eager to find it there. Your theory will stand, even if you take Quabalah out of the equation. If you rere
  12. Re: Fallacies About God & Life Oh yes, I agree. The most common misconception about god is that people actually believe he exists. The most common misconception about life is that god created it. Sure... These are indeed fallacies about god. Why? Because, in my view, he doesn't exist in the first place. That's not really a fallacy. We are seperate from each other. The fact that we are all part of this "sea of energy" we've been discussing, does not mean we are not seperate. It's the way that energy is "molded" into different "shapes" that makes us seperate from eachother.
  13. Re: Fallacies About God & Life Okay, there are two sides to this story. 1) If we look at the classic image of god, we can easily say he's never made an attempt to communicate with me. God in the traditional sense is supposed to be omnipotent. Therefore any attempt he makes, is succesful by definition. I've never noticed anything whatsoever, so obviously he has never tried. 2) You could argue that the classic image of god is inaccurate and that he did try to communicate with me, but somehow failed. That means he's (1) incapable of communicating, (2) doesn't wish to communicate with
  14. Re: Fallacies About God & Life I was on my way to a nice warm bed, but I had to reply to this particular passage in your post. I'll reply to the rest of the post later this week. Anyway. I know for certain that god has never made any attempt whatsoever to communicate with me. That's a plain, simple and irrefutable fact.
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