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  1. No. I think money denominations, or a dr.'s bill from McSurgery.
  2. If someone were to claim to have travelled forward in time, what could they bring back to prove it that would be convincing?
  3. Yes, I had a similar experience I think. Not sure. I was half asleep.
  4. Re: I've Gone back 2000 YEARS What did they use for toilet paper back then?
  5. 2015 really isn't that far into the future. I doubt that much would be different.
  6. rdlo

    help required

    Re: jail No prob. No one believed you anyway.
  7. Okay, And what do you intend to achieve with your experiment?
  8. If you're not going to take this forum seriously, please do not post.
  9. they are a "time traveler" or "space alien", no one believes them? If we believe in such things, why do we question those who say they are what they are?
  10. Re: I'm coming clean. Who will be U.S. President in '08?
  11. Why is it that people who claim they can travel in the Astral realm are never specific about who they meet, or what the ethereal beings say and/or look like? They just seem to speak in generalities.
  12. \"mind\" time travel techniques Not sure if this is the correct forum, but does anyone know of any mental or meditation techniques for time travel? I would like to know more about any of my past lives if I had any. Thank you.
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