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  1. I am not looking for any constructive criticism or anything else. Please do not offer any. All I wanted was to post my story that is all. End of story.
  2. WILHELMINA Born muckraker.--I've never seen a crowd so angry before. (to Al) Al, can you get a shot of some of the protestors' faces? CAMERA SHOT: THOMAS, GEORGE SLOWLY AMBLE AMONG THE PROTESTORS, TAKING IN ALL THE ANGER AND FRUSTRATION OF THE MOB. CHARLES It'll be starting any moment. Stay close to me. WILHELMINA Charlie—I do trust you, but I'm really scared. As she turns to look at Charles, and Charles her, Wilhelmina begins to see something in his face. She can't quite yet put her finger on it—it's almost like Djà vu. ANGRY MOB MEMBEE #3 What a
  3. CHARLES (sobering, sad) No. I guess not. Not anymore. WILHELMINA Oh? CHARLES It's nothing like that. My fianc—back home--was murdered. And it all ties somehow into this possible assassination. I'm sure of it. WILHELMINA You loved her very much. CHARLES We were going to be married as soon as I returned from my original mission. WILHELMINA So, you ARE a cop, then, or a soldier of fortune, or a G-man. CHARLES No. I'm just a brilliant scientist who got caught up in someone's political endgame. WILHELMINA And you think you know who
  4. INT. -- WHITE HOUSE/STATE DINING HALL -- NIGHT President Cahill hosts a state dinner for many foreign dignitaries in light of the events taking place. Congressional leaders attend as well as Vice-President Trenton Sommers and Senator Jackson Stryker (Rayne Sommers). Food and wine flow as servants hover. UGANDAN AMBASSADOR Mr. President, rumors are circulating around our Embassy--your forum will not be so peaceful in light of your announcement today. CAHILL There will always be protestors, Madam Ambassador. Lord knows my first four years have seen their fair share. It
  5. INT. -- RESTAURANT -- EVENING Wilhelmina and Charles are enjoying dinner at a local, favorite restaurant. Charles is working on a salad and broiled fish as Wilhelmina wolfs down a steak, washing it down with a large glass of red wine. WILHELMINA Wow. Can you imagine. World War three's practically knocking down the door. CHARLES It was inevitable. WILHELMINA China did warn us--a long time ago-- they were going to annex Korea—both Koreas--one way or the other. Who will be next? Japan? CHARLES I'd tell you the United States will be nuked. But I don't want
  6. I guess i didn't need this posting. i deleted this.
  7. how is it so far? I took this part out because it was just a repeated segment. Go to the next block, please.
  8. . INT. -- TESTING CAVE -- DARK Ed pulls Charles safety, having suffered himself a slight gash on the forehead during the fracas. Emily and Daniel are there, watching, waiting, with George, Thomas. Ed is NOT PLEASED seeing Emily and Daniel. ED (removes bandana) I thought I told you two to meet us at headquarters. EMILY You're hurt. ED Don't change the subject! Emily sets right to work, cleaning her father's laceration as Thomas tends to Charles' wounds. ED Your just like your mother. She wouldn't listen either. EMILY Shut up and let me take care of y
  9. I hope you all can read this. It took me a long time to realign the dialogue, etc. Let me know if you cannot read it and I will try to fix it. Enjoy. It was a labor of love. Please note it is registered and so anyone copying this or trying to sell it as their own will not be tolerated by me or my agent. P. S. Also let me know if something is missing in it. The text disappeared on me a few times. WGA EAST REGISTRATION NO. R23783 FADE IN: PROLOGUE EXT. -- THIRD DISTRICT, WASHINGTON D.C., ARIEL VIEW -- DAY 2056 A. D. Washington, D.C. rebuilding after the devastating w
  10. Can I post my sci-fi screenplay here? I based it loosely on John Titor's tale, but it really isn't a John Titor rip-off storyline. :confused:
  11. Thanks. This was a really good site you sent. Hope it wasn't edited!
  12. Thanks for the info. I really hate the idea of someone ripping off the public for that kind of money. I'll let the others know.
  13. Dear TTI: Can someone help us out there? I'm in a group discussion about John Titor. Someone wants to read the book and hoped it would be posted on the web for browsing/reading. But there isn't anything any of us can find anywhere so far. And now Amazon.com wants us to buy the book for 395.00 a pop!!!!! I think that is a wee bit too much. I was hoping someone on this board could share contents with us and take the person or persons who are trying to rip off the public with this outrageous price down for their greediness! I'd buy it for 14 but not 395! Is anyone out there willing to he
  14. Re: This will prove time travel \"AEITT\" Can I try these numbers for this Friday's drawing?
  15. I found this article: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/earth/main.jhtml?xml=/earth/2007/08/16/scispeed116.xml It's about breaking the speed of light. Enjoy!
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