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Status Updates posted by Cosmo

  1. Site search should return better results now 🙂

  2. About to move to a new place, wish us luck!

  3. Made some adjustments to the post editor to help with the excess spacing.

  4. Moved about 30K archive posts to their proper homes over the past couple weeks. Forums are filling out nicely again.

  5. Fancied the place up a bit in preparation for a few new things.

  6. Epic idea time.

  7. Ever closer. OP will surely deliver.

    1. Classicalfan626


      What does "OP" stand for in this case?

  8. Looking forward to finally unveiling some other parts of the site...

  9. Birds aren't real.

    1. HeASdf



  10. It's time for a yam jam.

  11. Well, the damn announcement email finally went out. Apologies to the few of you who probably received it twice. Welcome back to those of you returning!

    1. Bob Lyle

      Bob Lyle

      Its nice to be back !

      giphy (2).gif

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