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  1. Site search should return better results now 🙂

  2. Several stray dogs with bright blue fur were recently found roaming near a derelict factory in Dzerzhinsk, Russia.
  3. In search of otherworldly sights? Just find the right icy pond. On certain days during Boston’s long winter, residents can glimpse the stars by looking down. On the dove-colored surfaces of frozen ponds or lakes, shapes appear, rounded in the center with spiky arms stretching outward. The water, a scramble of gray and white, seems to mirror a star-pricked sky. Instead of appearing brighter than their surroundings, as their spacefaring counterparts do, these shapes are darker, showcasing the deep blue below. The moody wells and meandering branches might evoke a tie-dyed shirt or a squashed spi
  4. An odd moment during a French newscast appears to show a UFO zip through the sky behind a correspondent who is stationed in Moscow. Anyone know what this might have been?
  5. About to move to a new place, wish us luck!

  6. To the relief of scientists at NASA and the delight of space enthusiasts around the world, the space agency's Perseverance Rover has successfully touched down on Mars. View the full article
  7. A Florida fisherman could not believe his eyes when he reeled in a catch and saw that it sported a mouthful of human-like teeth. View the full article
  8. It also set in motion the process that made the vast territory part of America. In 1804, indigenous Tlingit people living near the Alaskan town of Sitka went to war with the Russians. Russian fur traders, actually, and their battle would have far reaching consequences, not just for the Tlingit, but also for the future of Alaska, by setting the stage for it to become part of the United States. The battleground where this took place is now part of the Sitka National Historic Park, but the precise location of the Tlingit fort had been debated, until now. Thomas Urban of Cornell University spotte
  9. I'd also be interested in hearing how your method for RV works.
  10. A spooky piece of footage captured by a baby monitor at a house in Georgia appears to show a set of triplets talking to an unseen entity. View the full article
  11. This was no cozy nook. After two decades spent leading archaeological digs among the 1,900-year-old ruins of the former Roman emperor Hadrian’s sprawling Villa Adriana, Rafael Hidalgo Prieto thought he’d seen it all. Then the Spanish professor and his team discovered an imperial breakfast room unlike anything in the world. The palazzo area once featured a royal four-bedroom complex centered by a semicircular nymphaeum with a private dining area suspended over a pool of flowing water. Vaulted ceilings with niches for sculptures overlooked a marble triclinium—that is, a sumptuous Roman dining a
  12. Featured in Ripley's Believe It or Not! Oliver Cromwell is one of the most controversial figures in the history of Britain. Following the English Civil War and the execution of King Charles I, he established himself as Lord Protector of the Commonwealth of England, Scotland, and Ireland. All of this is well-recorded and still much-debated by historians, but what we really want to hear is the story of how his brother-in-law—who married Cromwell’s youngest sister Robina in 1656—thought he was going to get out to the Moon to meet and trade with aliens, way back in the 1600
  13. They sat on top of a fridge for decades. Who stole the cookies from the cookie jar? Not Andy Warhol. While he wasn’t a cookie thief, the pop artist shamelessly burglarized supermarket aisles with his eyes, using the logos for Campbell’s soup, Coca-Cola, and Brillo pads as inspiration for his iconic paintings. And he had a thing for cookie jars, too. Warhol loved spending Sundays at New York’s flea markets, buying the kitschiest ones. “Cookie jars are, after all, a form of Pop Art in themselves,” Wally Amos, Warhol’s friend and founder of Famous Amos cookies, once noted in an interview. He als
  14. YouTube star GeoWizard, aka Tom Davies, shares some straight talk about his linear style of adventure. Tom Davies knows a thing or two about staying the course. The 29-year-old British adventurer, also known as GeoWizard, first gained a following through YouTube videos that showcased his skill playing the popular web-based game GeoGuessr. His channel, which he describes as “home of the mischievous adventure,” has 74 million views and counting. Davies is perhaps now best known for his “Mission Across” series, which chronicles his adventures trying to cross entire countries in a straight line.
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