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  2. Wondering what TITOR and 177 really mean? Let's start with the first one, where TITOR is the name of the entire project from the Temporal Recon department - Time Initialization The Onion Routing (T.I.T.O.R).
  3. And also, I said that I do not deny the possibility of TiTor's return in the future. Discrepancies in world lines are controlled. Knowing the parameters, you can indicate the world line with any degree of deviation, and the 3rd world line did not happen for a number of reasons, for example, the terrorist attack that organized the US government changed the future (11/9/2001), and 90% of the TiTor legend is just a fiction for cover. Do you still believe in ibm 5100?
  4. Heh, Whatever happened to the civil war you talked about and the 3rd world war? Did your messages in 2001 change our world line so drastically, and if so the future you talked about doesn't exist in this world line. Also you said in one of you posts that once you left you wouldn’t be able to come back because of divergence.
  5. Hmm, where to begin? Ahhh...this seems like a good place to start ... YouTube video : A beginning... The video is entitled " What is Animism? " . Arith Härger presents appropriate points in his video that also provide an excellent foundation for this discussion. Keep in mind, I am not claiming that any belief system is IT, over any other belief system. As a matter of fact, at this point, we start with NO beliefs. This statement will be expanded upon later in this discussion, ( IF a discussion actually develops. ) Mr. Härger presents a basic
  6. The Golden Bough is a wide-ranging, comparative study of mythology and religion, written by the Scottish anthropologist Sir James George Frazer. The Golden Bough was first published in two volumes in 1890; in three volumes in 1900; and in twelve volumes in the third edition, published 1906–1915. It has also been published in several different one-volume abridgments. ( wikipedia ) Described by the author on the cover of the 3rd Edition, " The Golden Bough: A Study in Magic and Religion " , is a seeming simplistic description, however, I would say is also misleading as to the depth
  7. There are several sources to be able to read The Golden Bough written by Sir James Frazer, however, the linked PDF format here is the one I use since I can read the pages on my computer, ipad or phone. Helpful, since reading The Golden Bough can take a lot of time to read and a lot of time to ponder what is read.
  8. It does seem that the foundation of the Universe is based on fractals. Mentioned earlier, The Infinite within the Finite , provides a potential opportunity to further understandings about existence itself.
  9. Can you provide some sources to the 'fractionalization? Curious, looked it up myself and although it seems related, but not quite the same as Fractalization. To simplify, Fraction / Fractal. Related, but different dynamics. Fractals retain themselves as a whole, never diminished. Theoretically, it is possible to zoom into a Mandlebrot infinitely , the record so far has been 750 Million iterations. True though, we merely see a fraction of a fractal...BUT...not sure if I'm even describing it correctly. YouTube Video - ( The Hardest Mandelbrot Zoom in 2016 - New record, 750 000
  10. Well, yes, impostors come and go, but Titor "T.i.t.o.r" remains. © Temporal Recon.
  11. Look what I missed, being busy. I just ran out of things to ask Titor. And impostors come and go.
  12. I’m not so sure it is anxiety. I feel a longing when I am alone in the woods, which I enjoy immensely.
  13. I will check it out soon. The earth is full of fractals, that’s why the computer versions look so real. Even sound makes them.
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  15. This is interesting and thank you for sharing more about this KerrTexas. There is a current investigation in creativity that incorporates this very concept happening right now in the blockchain Renaissance. Taking a master layer of art and adding dimensions like these to become interactive is fascinating. There is a term being used called Fractionalization. These layers can be bought by multiple collectors and then become customizable. Mutating the art and fluctuating with different aesthetics seems like the future. Preserving art in a polished state forever. Good Stewardship is significant to
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  17. The Possiblities ... This video was created by Julius Horsthuis . Oooo, gives me goosebumps.
  18. ©️ArmandVanZandt2021 Another fractal I created using from Mandelbulb3D and a Photo editing program.
  19. Example of one of the Fractals created in Mandelbulb3D. I was able to use OpenShot video editor and YouTube video studio to post this on YouTube. Um...can like and subscribe if you want too. 🙂
  20. Downloaded Mandelbulb3D Fractal software for free. Am amazed at the artistic potential the software offers artists. You can animate your work, and in combination with other free software, such as the video editor OpenShot, WoW...there are no limits. A catch phrase that got to me was this, " The infinite in the finite." Through Mandelbulb3D, the infinite can truly be found. Mandelbulb3D Software It downloads as a zip file. So, you have to extract all. Within the un-zipped files you will see : Move that to your Desktop, and away you go. There are tuto
  21. I don't want to become someone in a new epoch... I just want to live in peace and enjoy that time alone
  22. '" I will only say one thing, that the Internet to which you are accustomed may soon cease to exist as well as cryptocurrency in general (as a phenomenon)." Can you explain more? Do you imply that bitcoin and all other cryptocurrency will just disappear. Then so we stop investing in these coins? Or at which point of bitcoin, eth..goes to before it cease to exist?
  23. Thanks). In any case, this is the most incomprehensible story that can only happen, except for the one that I received 3 messages from 1970 and 1971 with the text "hello", but my callback apparently knocked down the entire network in the 1970s, since the messages stopped to come.
  24. One of the most interesting eras is the 20th century and the 1970s.
  25. I share your views on the world, but believe me, this is not an option. Each era has its own characteristics, it is not a fact that you will like it. You must understand that you will not become anyone in a new era for you.
  26. Mi teoría sobre viajes en el tiempo (time traveling). En orden de que el individuo pueda cambiar su pasado (universo paralelo vivido), por la manera de viaje en el tiempo, dicho individuo(a) tendrá que primero vivir su vida hasta el punto de fallecer. Por medio de este evento dejara las puertas de los diferentes universos paralelos abiertas, por lo cual dicho individuo(a) no puede alterar la fecha de su fallecimiento, o en este caso cerrara las puertas de los diferentes universos paralelos pasados. E aquí la razón por la cual dicho individuo(a) no podrá cambiar o alterar su futuro por medio de
  27. I am dissatisfied with lack of communications with people, the moral judging and not able being free, and the money buy everything, even the happiness. It's like if I am good in this time is a fault and people are very very cruel at times. I want to live in a timeline where the individual can be free and can enjoy his life at fullest, with nothing to block him.
  28. Here is a link of an information about funding: http://www.mediafactory.org.au/2015-media6-deepweb/2015/10/01/57/
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