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  2. The book was absolutely amazing! I feel in love the Jurassic Park books in 7th grade and I have re-read them time and time again. It’s a great read! Though I wouldn’t recommend reading the book and then watching the movie if you’re the type who likes books to be close to the movie.
  3. I remember back to 1980 when I and quite a few of my peers, received the same hand written message, "Mike's folks are gone for the whole week and Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy is being played Saturday night so, we're throwing a party!! It's going to be a GOOD ONE!!" I was 16 and about to be introduced to the brilliance of Douglas Adams. What a night indeed! Fast forward 42 years....I am still taken in, what a brilliant mind!!! I found this only recently; Douglas Noel Adams (11 March 1952-11 May 2001) wrote the Doctor Who television stories The Pirate Planet and Shada. He co-wrote City of Death with producer Graham Williams under the pseudonym David Agnew. He was also script editor for Season 17. Main jobs: Writer, Script editor https://tardis.fandom.com/wiki/Douglas_Adams#:~:text=Douglas%20Noel%20Adams%20(11%20March,script%20editor%20for%20Season%2017. RIP, Sir Douglas......And of course, 'Thanks For All The Fish!'
  4. This thread is for the general discussion of the book [plain]The Lost World (1995)[/plain]. Please add to the discussion here.
  5. Douglas Noel Adams 1952 - 2001 Douglas Adams died suddenly following a heart attack on the 11th May, 2001. The Digital Village as a registered company has ceased to exist. However, as a group of people who loved and worked with Douglas Adams, The Digital Village will continue for a long time. No-one from TDV can really accept or believe what has happened yet. Douglas just seemed like he would go on forever. Our thoughts are with Douglas' family and friends. -- TDV "The lights went out in his eyes for absolutely the very last time ever." -- "So long, and thanks for all the fish", Douglas Adams
  6. I've read "Timetravelers from our future." It was about the possibility of alien abductions being our own species visiting us from 1000 to 3000 years into the future. as well as extraterrestrial aliens. They were working together, the human race had developed spiritually and had white robes on and the little grey aliens were under their authority. if I remember right. It was a different type of book it had a lot of scientific theories in it. heisenberg uncertainty principle, parallel universes with Fred Allen Wolf, Frank J. Tipler, etc. some of it was a little strange. It gave a lot of examples of strange things that happened. I just concidered it another puzzle piece to the big puzzle. There is always something you can get out of everything you read. one of the interesting things I read in there was the Kaluza-klein theory where he was proposing a genuine field theory showing that light is an effect created by the rippling of the higher dimension. that the warping of the geometry of hyperspace created light. sometimes i think scientists don't know all there is to know about the properties of light. some things I agreed with in the book some things I didnt but it was an interesting book however. Sometimes I think things are not what they seem. Has any one else read any good books on timetravel? pamela [This message has been edited by pamela (edited 21 November 1999).]
  7. Do the list folks have an opinion of the work of Dr. Bruce Goldberg, a hypnotist who has produced books such as "Time Travelers from Our Future" and "Past Lives-Future Lives"? Thanks, Xingtravel
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