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Who was Jack the Ripper? Oscar Wilde? Or maybe somebody he knew ? Or maybe it was ....??? As a group collaboration, we'll travel back in time and review the cases of different murders and then using our researching skills, recreate the crimes, collect the evidence, present and discuss the evidence each of us has discovered, and then reveal the killer(s).
  1. What's new in this Dimension
  2. Intended this to be a group effort. For the members of the group to contribute to an investigation of our own. I have my sources, however, other members may find different sources to provide a different perspective OR bring to light something over-looked by previous investigations.
  3. Kerr, this is really cool. Do you have any other information about victims to show us?
  4. Ripper victims are : Mary Ann Nichols Annie Chapman Elizabeth Stride Catherine Eddowes Mary Jane Kelly There may have possibly been more victims. If possible let's look to see if there are others who may have been victims of Jack the Ripper. For now, Mary Ann Nichols is considered to be the first victim. Mary Ann Nichols Birth Date: August 26, 1845 Attacked and killed: August 31, 1888 Age: (43) Location: in front of a gated stable entrance in Buck’s Row ( currently Durward Street), Whitechapel, about 150 yards from the L
  5. I would love to read that book! I admit, I try to resist, but I am a sucker for a new conspiracy theory. I wonder what the purpose of it was? Was the idea to promote mass killing across the entire country? Was that the conspiracy? This would be a fascinating read!
  6. The book spans a decade or so. I wasn't implying it happened in the same year. The contact between them was separated by a few degrees as well. Basically the idea is that Manson was in contact with the Process church as was Berkowitz. Thus being the 'middle cult'. It's a fascinating book. It's also out of print & never followed up on (adding to conspiracy).
  7. Certainly not in the cases of Manson and Son of Sam killer, Berkowitz. Their crimes were ~7 years apart. Were there/are there copy-cat killers, Yes, then and now. It would seem more so now. With wall to wall 24 hr media frenzy attached to every despicable act committed today, all the little mentally deficient sociopath wanna-be's see their chance at Fame and Glory.
  8. There is a book by Terry Maury of this name that makes scary connection between the murders that occurred during the Son of Sam/Manson years. The conspiracy here is that there was a cult connecting these murderers during said time period. After reading this I had a hard time shaking the idea. Do you think it's possible when serial killers were all over the papers across the states daily that they were somehow making direct contact with each other?

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