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  2. In search of otherworldly sights? Just find the right icy pond. On certain days during Boston’s long winter, residents can glimpse the stars by looking down. On the dove-colored surfaces of frozen ponds or lakes, shapes appear, rounded in the center with spiky arms stretching outward. The water, a scramble of gray and white, seems to mirror a star-pricked sky. Instead of appearing brighter than their surroundings, as their spacefaring counterparts do, these shapes are darker, showcasing the deep blue below. The moody wells and meandering branches might evoke a tie-dyed shirt or a squashed spi
  3. YouTube star GeoWizard, aka Tom Davies, shares some straight talk about his linear style of adventure. Tom Davies knows a thing or two about staying the course. The 29-year-old British adventurer, also known as GeoWizard, first gained a following through YouTube videos that showcased his skill playing the popular web-based game GeoGuessr. His channel, which he describes as “home of the mischievous adventure,” has 74 million views and counting. Davies is perhaps now best known for his “Mission Across” series, which chronicles his adventures trying to cross entire countries in a straight line.
  4. A conservation team wanted to know if removing killer bees would make life easier for Lear's macaw. Maximo Cardoso had never used a crossbow before, but he was intuitively able to assemble the Barnett Raptor FX, a model typically marketed for deer hunting. The field guide also displayed natural marksmanship. So it was agreed: He would be the one to launch the poison. At the base of a sheer rock face amid dry scrub in Bahia, Brazil, decked out in a beekeeping suit, Cardoso took aim at a 45-degree angle, the crossbow loaded with bolts modified to carry glass vials of insecticide. He was target
  5. A lobster recently caught off the coast of Maine is raising eyebrows thanks to its striking and incredibly rare yellow coloring. View the full article
  6. Low-cost seismometers could give rural communities an alert system, or begin to decipher elephant communication. When individuals in a group of elephants have been separated, even for the briefest of moments, they get rather excited upon reuniting. “They’re sort of like dogs who’ve come back to their owners after being separated for 15 minutes. Super excited, they’re saying, ‘Where have you been, it’s so good to see you again,’” says Oliver Lamb, a geophysicist at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. “They get really happy, they’re really happy to see each other again.” It may se
  7. In botanic gardens, the lineage of a famously smelly plant is threatened. What can save it? This story was originally published on Undark and appears here as part of the Climate Desk collaboration. The alien-like blooms and putrid stench of Amorphophallus titanum, better known as the corpse flower, draw big crowds and media coverage to botanical gardens each year. In 2015, for instance, around 75,000 people visited the Chicago Botanic Garden to see one of their corpse flowers bloom. More than 300,000 people viewed it online. But despite the corpse flower’s fame, its future i
  8. The oceans contain various caverns that scientists call “blue holes” and they don’t know how they were created. They are apparently going to start exploring one near Florida https://bgr.com/2020/08/09/blue-hole-florida-green-banana/
  9. Looks like the movie 2012.was off a few minutes. Probably due to the non Exactly 24 hour rotation of a flat planet.
  10. Regardless of Noah’s Flood is a hoax or not it looks like we may relive it.
  11. I came across some information on CO2 emissions that totally debunks the political narrative that mankind is the cause of the steadily increasing amount of CO2 being released into the atmosphere. Just one wildfire burning out of control releases more CO2 than all the cars in the US for an entire year. There are thousands of wildfires that burn out of control all across the planet every year. So the CO2 emitted by cars is insignificant. Not even making a dent in the amount pouring into the atmosphere. It's just a natural part of the dynamics of the earth. You might say we are the ones causing t
  12. Let's debunk the hoax that humans are causing the entire planet to heat up. My statements are not conclusive, so please add to this. Also, I am not denying that Earth is warming. I am debating the cause. Humans only occupy 10% of the planet, yet people feel we have the ability to change the temp of a huge planet Climate changes every 100,000 years, so the earth is warming up all by herself. In fact, we are still in the last ice age, hence the warming. It is ending. Climate change is partially the result of Earth's orbit https://www.britannica.com/science/global-warming/Variations-
  13. I heard a really low rumble a few days ago, but I do live a few miles from a phosphate mine.
  14. So much life would die with just a minute unnatural change in the climate. The climate we are experiencing is 100% natural. It happens every 100,000 years. You would think Bill Gates would know that by now. He'd be causing an ice age or at least similar effects caused by volcanic ash. Not good to mess with mother nature, IMHO.
  15. Not a good idea. Most of our science is constructed from theoretical make believe.
  16. Was given a link to an article entitled, " Bill Gates wants to spray millions of tonnes of dust into the stratosphere..." . I read the article and my first thought was along the lines of , " What could possibly go wrong?" . Bill Gates is helping fund an effort to create a barrier made of dust ( calcium carbonate ) around the Earth. The plan is that this barrier will deflect enough rays and heat from the Sun and allow cause planet to cool down. According to sources on-line, they've already conducted experiments using ice. Obviously, the dust will not remain in the atmosphe
  17. I do not believe in man-made climate change and am with RainmanTime on the issue. Will post the link to his thread regarding the discussion of climate change below. That said, I do believe that we still have a responsibility to care for our planet as humanly possible. Although probably unrealistic, would be nice to see as much time, money and effort that is put into the military put into health care. Of course that would also include efforts to all get along with helping each other, despite cultural differences and beliefs. Link to RainmanTimes thread about global warning : Gl
  18. hi all did you know that there might be a high chance of acid rain in the future thanks too global warming we should take care more of our planet plz thanks ?
  19. Welcome back. It seems all the old hands are coming out of the woodwork. Happy days!
  20. BREAKING NEWS! This just in! Old stalwart RainmanTime has returned from his time travel road tripping and has settled back in at his old TTI homestead. RMT had just one thing to say to his TTI friends and family: "Anthropogenic Global Warming is STILL BUNK SCIENCE. That is all." :D RMT
  21. There may be a reason for the increase of volcano activity and it may be out of this world? Nibiru Emerges From Behind the Sun - Extreme Events Impact the Earth | Self-Sufficiency
  22. All the time there, I was very religious to the fire god Pele. I live on enchanted land anyways, so was respectful of that fact.
  23. It was not really covered on the East Coast. The West Coast though seemed to have a little more coverage of this though.
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