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  2. We can choose to do good instead. All choice is not off the table. Just the criminal ones. I would like to think most of us choose good choices anyway.
  3. But if we don't make choices, we are nothing but robots. Do we want to live like Cybermen or Borg with no free will just so that we can be protected from "bad choices"?
  4. Obviously our lives would no longer be dictated to us by liars. We would be free from making any wrong choices. Do you really need that kind of freedom to make wrong choices?
  5. If you know all, are you truly free, or is your life a only tape played out and dictated only by fate? By not knowing, we can change our own future.
  6. I consider freedom of choice a punishment. We were created in God's image. But apparently he punished us all by taking away our all seeing and all knowing ability. So we all learn by trial and error. I frequently suggest that some geneticist will one day come up with a telepathy virus. We are all then all seeing and all knowing.
  7. Humans are not perfect and are more or less free, but we must deal with the consequences of our actions. It is easy to blame the snake in the Adam and Eve story, but Eve made her own decision to eat the apple. She then had to deal with the consequences of her decision. Did God then destroy all freedom? No. He still allows us to make mistakes and deal with the consequences. This is precisely why I believe in freedom of speech and other freedoms. We do not need someone else's morality shoved down our throats. Each person should be free to say what they want and be expected to handle th
  8. I agree with you with the 'based on science and not belief', however, don't know that much about Scientology to say anything about it. Are you familiar with Scientology where you could share what the basics are as far as life, the Universe and everything else?
  9. If life is based on science and not belief would Scientology have clues to life’s goals?
  10. Well thanks to Desert Storm I was born with synchronicity. So it’s pretty freaky. Who invented synchronicity? Carl Jung and Albert Einstein? Or did I just create it and gave them credit as a gift? I spent a few years with Einstein’s younger doppelgänger in the 1990’s. He and his family knew that. I did not. And he never mentioned it. Now I have no proof of their forwarding address. We were close friends.
  11. In regards to Enochian info, thank you for passing that along. Very interesting to look up. I think the shamanistic approach is terrific intellectual approach. In my view, there is more synchronicity. Good luck!
  12. Makes sense. Druids study trees so tree of knowledge would control progress of language. Enochian tables are now in English. So before fall of man Adam spoke English but Moses was not given that secret when he wrote the Torah. New Jerusalem in Revelation 21. Southwest corner is Borrego Springs CA Druid’s are smart. But us Shamans are too. And we are fed up with the lies. Ask your area out in 51. They concurred. You just can’t see it with disbelief. <><
  13. Very interesting! I certainly believe in the power of prayer and other motions of it. I have seen it’s effects for myself and truly feel there is divine communication/interaction that can happen. In my studies, I find that yes, the action of speaking words can have an effect on reality. True, it is from one’s perspective and everyone’s journey is their own race. However, there is a legend that considers the blacksmithing of English words were overseen by the Druids. That there is a code contained within each word. In regards to math contained in the Bible, I think there is more to the concept
  14. I think we do what we can with the time and space we are born into. Regarding religion and time, 2 Kings 20:11 time goes backward. Rumor is the math of that verse helped NASA launch its space program because they could not get a craft to re enter. Bible is full of math for the good of mankind. <><
  15. Kind of branching off from praying and speaking to change reality. I have been watching Walking Dead for a long time and I spent a lot of time imagining what it would really be like living in a survival situation such as that, where life changes drastically. Then, the virus hits. (Ok, so it isn't "drastic"). Did I create this virus timeline by simply thinking about things such as this? Now, why didn't it get too bad in my timeline? I didn't like it, so I prayed for the virus to go away. Do we really have control over our own destiny? Why am I learning this when my life is half over? This
  16. To be honest this is theoretical. read as you wish. Prayer very much changes they reality around you in fact just speaking change is the reality around you. When you speak you're sending waves out from your throat that vibrates sear technically sending out vibrational of around you. This again goes into a theoretical science your brain is full of electrons and you choose to say and we don't know if sound waves affect Quantum particles yet or even if sound waves is quantum particles so when we speak we're sending out Quantum particles all around us letting our environment I know we me
  17. I like the analogy I heard Desmond Tutu say way back in 1988... God does not say, If you touch the Oven I will burn you. He says, If you touch the Oven you will get burnt! Many (most? all?) of the bad things in the world are the short term or long term result of our choices and our actions. Once sin has entered the world it is virus like frankly.
  18. To the why would God subject us to Satan...quote from L. Ray Smith. "Knowing "good and evil" is one of the most essential requisites in being formed in the image of God. To truly "know" both good and evil they HAD to partake of its source, which was the "TREE of the knowledge of good and evil," which then DEMANDED that they SIN in order to obtain this "knowledge." NO OTHER TREE IN THE GARDEN POSSESSED THIS NEEDED KNOWLEDGE! And so it was GOD, and none other than GOD, Who intended from the beginning that Satan and man SIN! That does not make God a sinner, for a sin is a "mistake," a "miss
  19. The way I see it with the big G is that this universe is imperfect on purpose. I think Siddhartha Gautama said it best that "Life is suffering." Each day I'm thankful for what we've got, because there sure are a lot of other spacetimes that aren't this nice. As for Satan? I don't subscribe much to the notion. Satan is a device to teach us moral and virtuous lessons. All of it still aspects of the One. You take the good, you take the bad, you take them both, and there you have "the facts of life" -Oz
  20. Why would God subject us to him? Why not ban him to an empty planet like Mars? What about people being possessed?
  21. As far as the existence of God, there is an old thread already going about that, it is entitled , God? ------> God? <------- This thread here already assumes God exists and is a discussion of responsibility ; whether God or Satan should be blamed for the evil that occurs in this world. Not IF they exist or not. That is a discussion with no end. As you will see if you read through the God? Thread. Hmm, didn't know we could type if different colors. Now that I know...Baw ha ha ha... ? Test, test...can you read this ???
  22. I always find it amusing when people tell me they believe in a god that can interfere in our world. So many questions arise, but the first that comes to mind is: how does your God decide which cases he will act upon and which he won't? Anyway, I don't mean to derail the original discussion ?
  23. Yes. I think awareness plays a role. If you are aware of a deficiency in your life, you can teach yourself to overcome that deficiency. And thereby avoid events that may be the result of that deficiency. An example would be, lacking patience. If you become aware that you lack patience, and pray to God for help. God doesn't give you patience. God will provide you with awareness during circumstances for you to learn how to overcome the adversities that require patience.
  24. He is living on Earth, yes. For now. Classicalfan is correct, Satan is damned, to be thrown into the Lake of Fire after the end of days. No, he can't do anything without Gods permission. Does he cause natural disasters? I don't think that's his thing, as per scripture, he wasn't tasked with that specifically. Does he make people commit evil? No he doesn't do that either. Does he take advantage of our weaknesses?, Yes, he does do that, meaning we were prone to doing whatever it is anyway. Jesus was tempted by Satan, and rebuked him. We, also can rebuke Satan. Yes, he can live within a
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