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  2. As a woman, I’m used to this to this type of disgusting language/behavior...however it doesn’t make it right or acceptable.
  3. On further diagnosis I detect a masochist begging her new sadistic master for more punishment.
  4. Well, its like they say....”you get what you pay for” and I have no issues paying someone for the education they worked for and the time they invested for that said education. Enjoy your free healthcare while you bitch about Obamacare and Biden publicly. It’s people like you that make me laugh😂
  5. Money makes the world go round. You are being strung along for every dime you got. At least my diagnosis was for free.
  6. Trying to discredit someone’s mental health by misdiagnosing them without a medical degree is both brazen and tasteless. I have plenty of issues haha but my primary care physician as well as my therapist, and psychologist can tell you that is simply not true:) It’s people like you that have the REAL issues. Ps. It’s also pretty stupid....”Einstein”....one could even replace the word “stupid” with illegal and SLANDEROUS. So please, tell me what I am some more. I’m dyyyyyyyyying for your opinions of me 😂
  7. If they were really “fantastic claims” legitimate people would be investigating such work. There are plenty of notable people such as the real Einstein himself that thought it was plausible, but was not proven. Observational data is not empirical evidence. With all due....
  8. JT didn't have any credible science to back up his make believe claims. Madman Marcum had real world observational data to add credibility to his story.
  9. So, I’m confused....do you think TT is possible or not? You refute the JT story but claim here this woman “got displaced as a side effect of the journey”.....
  10. One of the more potent methods of traveling is through dreamfaring. At the moment of death your consciousness becomes completely unrestricted. The same massless unrestricted consciousness can be wielded while living, with enough discipline. -Oz
  11. @Einstein - OK thanks, will do! I just have one more question for now: have you had any great success with achieving out-of-body experiences?
  12. From what I see from your post, your stop watch timer on your smart phone does not function like a real stop watch timer. I would recommend getting a real stop watch with start and stop buttons. Here is a suggestion: Stop Watch Also when you lose focus during meditation press the stop button on the stop watch. Open your eyes and log your focus time in a small log book. I would suggest visiting an office supply store for this item. Even several sheets of paper could do for your log record. Then go back to your focus meditation session and try again. Keep repeating this until your allo
  13. If I knew how to do all that I would; I have a few issues with how to follow these instructions. I have my eyes closed when I meditate. Therefore I can't see if I have to stop the timer. FYI, my phone is an Android, so even if I try to press the stop button, it wouldn't work since the screen is shut off. Where's the best place to log focus times?
  14. Just the focus time. Have your finger on the stop timer ready to record the instant you lose focus. The total meditation time seems sufficient. You should have several focus times to add to your log for each meditation session.
  15. The stopwatch on my cellphone remembers the time I put into meditating, which stands at 16 minutes (15 minutes plus 1 minute to prepare). Other than that, I have no way of telling exactly how long my focus lasts. I would imagine my focus is steadily improving, and it also depends on what kind of day I'm having. Occasionally I've meditated during the afternoon, and that's when my evenings are completely occupied with other activities. Also, I don't remember ever meditating during a period of feeling sleepy. Do these answers help?
  16. Have you kept a log of your focus time? Is it steadily improving? Have you tried other times during the day when you aren't prone to fall asleep?
  17. What do you mean by that? I've been meditating every single night, and I've been trying as hard as I can to focus on one thing.
  18. I just texted a friend of mine, the one I mentioned earlier who is like a meditation mentor to me. He says that focusing on a single object or thought without losing focus on it is humanly impossible, though he does also say I'm on the right track with trying to focus as much as I can. What do you guys think?
  19. I do; the timer/stopwatch I use is on my smartphone. 🙂
  20. Perfectly normal. But I wouldn't be surprised if you could use your smart phone as a stop watch. Practice makes perfect. Making the mental effort to maintain focus will get better with practice. One more thing I've come across in descriptions of technique to use is, do your practice sessions during the day when you are not tired. Many folks try this at the end of the day which usually ends up with them falling asleep.
  21. I tried something like this earlier today. I set my timer for 1 minute, then sat on my bed and closed my eyes. I tried really hard to focus on one image/idea during that period, but there was at least one other idea that was disrupting my mind periodically. I have a very active mind, so I found focusing on one thing very hard to do the first time around. You guys aren't surprised about what happened during my first try at clearing my mind, right?
  22. Quote-worthy. That's a good idea; I'll have to try it out and find a way to record it here.
  23. I came up with one that I think can be beneficial. Get a stop watch and time yourself to see how long you can go before an errant thought interrupts your focus. Just pick out maybe a half hour of practice time during the day. It might only be 30 seconds at first. I tried it once to see what my time was. One minute and 30 seconds for me. Just keep trying to get the time longer and longer. How long do you shoot for? Just guessing, but I suspect 10 minutes is probably way more than it will take. Keep a log to watch your improvement over time. Of course I think my problem is a built in fear that I
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