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  2. Several stray dogs with bright blue fur were recently found roaming near a derelict factory in Dzerzhinsk, Russia.
  3. Paula, you literally hit the nail on the head:) I wonder if that’s how Coral Castle was constructed. Seriously so fascinating!!!
  4. A copy of ourselves? Or just more planets and stars and probably planets with life, like here.
  5. Nikola Tesla: 'If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.' The universe was created using vibrations from the big bang. Planets, stars, etc. are proof that sacred geometry exists. We are not seeing random blobs. We see spheres, marvelous spirals, etc. The creation of the universe is/was/will be a beautiful thing. If the universe can manifest using vibration, which becomes geometry, then humans should manipulate technology to do the same. Can you imagine if we figured out how to build structures using techniques in the vi
  6. TBH, I haven’t really found any “use” for my gifts. (I mean...they are not there to serve me anyway and its not like I work at strengthening them 😂) They are just something that help me navigate the world a little more easily. How do I even put this.... its like I always have this internal compass that is accurate...sometimes I have to “tap in” to access them...sometimes the information just flows thru. My mother said I was always like this as a child. I knew she was pregnant with my brother before she did....and told everyone in the grocery store haha I would “
  7. I also have a few of ‘the clairs’....not to brag 😂
  8. I have this weird ability....some call SLI (street light interference)....what dimension do we think that is on? And before anyone comes for me 😂....I have PLENTY of video evidence to back up my claims. this is my party trick:) (amongst my other weird abilities haha) But I will say it never gets old:)
  9. LOVE this! Thanks for sharing!!! Question for you- How do you feel this is all related?
  10. The dimensions start out very physical and end up being abstract and intangible. Just an observation. "7th dimensional plane: This is the plane of telekinesis. This is even less understood than the plane of clairvoyance, yet it does exist. This often thought of as "supernatural", when in fact it a real thing." IMHO -- perhaps this is the dimension where telekinesis is possible or accessed rather than BEING telekinesis. Just like Clairvoyance -- that is where the information is accessed.
  11. So sacred geometry is found in nature...but it also seems to appear thru sound/tone/vibration as well. Open discussion guys....thoughts on this? How? Why? Go!
  12. Clairvoyance is simply just one. There’s also clairaudient, claircognizant, and clairsentience. Also, imo, “these people” do not have to work their entire lives to access their gifts. The ones that do, simply weren’t born with them. The people that work their entire lives only access a slice of the pie. There is also a reason not every person is able to access these gifts...again, imo. Can’t have them getting in the wrong hands, can we?!:)
  13. There time goes back. A couple of months ago, a NASA-ANITA pulsed transient antenna located in Antarctica caught anomalous radio signals. ANITA is a system of antennas that are attached to balloons that can rise above the icy surface of the continent to a height of 37 kilometers. The main task of this system is to capture the sequences of radio pulses arising from the interaction of neutrino particles with Antarctic ice. Neutrino is an elementary particle devoid of charge and practically zero mass, which is no easier to catch than to catch a ghost. Scientists assume that the anomalous signals
  14. ***************************************************************** DISCLAIMER: which is to say that if you have not read it already, let me know now and I will post you a copy. There are sticklers who would jump all over me if they thought I was documenting experiments where the instructions appear to direct a person to act in such a way as would, or could, cause injury to themselves or others, break laws, etc.. Understand now that I advocate common sense, and that common sense should be used at all times around Tesla coils. ****************************************************
  15. Intro: In order to understand these files, one must assume the following is completely true. If not assumed, one will be completely lost in the text of the following files. You may laugh if you wish, but if you want to understand the theory you must make compensations on your part. Ok, on with the file... Volume I: Defining the 9 planes Written by: Starmaster and Locust 1st dimensional plane: This plane consists of only the single dimension of length. It is not advised to try to envision this dimension for it may cause insanity, seriously. 2nd dimensional plane: This plan
  16. Who do you think would be on the other side?
  17. Yes. GPS is in digital images. Computer transmission is geo located thru it’s IP address. Regarding metaphysics though in early imagery natives thought imagery was spirits. So they killed most missionaries. When I create digital things I’m attacked often. For some reason my iPhone has glitches that protect me. Like floating GPS locations. But I guess it’s due to interference. But with knowledge of law of attraction I’m not sure anymore. After you learn the law you have to learn the magic and power of it. The next two books in the series by Rhonda Byrne.
  18. Do cameras capture tachyons? I believe you asked that question. Are they like mini time machines? My question concerns the capture process. Do you know which style is best? Film vs digital? Do people need to be concerned that their photos are being mined for metadata? Can anyone access those photos remotely, in other words “spy” ? I have always been quite suspicious/curious of Siri or any AI.
  19. In law of attraction metadata is transmitted. You need to find a way to capture it.
  20. "Researchers Might Have Detected Proof of a Parallel Universe" "Researchers say 'upside-down cosmic ray shower' may be evidence of a parallel universe" https://www.moneycontrol.com/news/trends/parallel-universe-nasa-device-spots-reverse-cosmic-ray-shower-5298191.html The source is NASA. I wonder if we could possibly access or communicate with this alleged parallel universe.
  21. Perhaps it is because we are the most dangerous species on the planet, thus we feel superior.
  22. The idea when I was putting this together was for it to be a catch-all for the more.... Outlandish things. Think CigSmokingMan posts. Stuff that isn't time travel, but too off the wall to fit nicely anywhere else. If you think it can be adapted to fit something else you have in mind, I'm 100% cool with that. You guys know what you're doing. I can also add more fancy prefixes here (or anywhere else) if you need them (within reason ;))
  23. Here's a couple i found, the outer or less important part of an area, group, or activity: These activities are very much on the fringe of their global operation. the extremist/radical/political fringe The edge of something, often used to indicate the borderlines of a certain concept: in politics, the fringe is usually the rare bunch of extremists, or in general the outcast members of a group that are considered less than peccable members. My words might be "on the outside of borders not in the popular domain, considered to be believed by less than the masses"
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